13th May 2004, 04:20

I Agree the merc 300E is one of the best cars around.

And I will only drive a merc from now on.

It's a K Reg 92/3 4door saloon met black all the bits clear lights,17inch alloys, lowered, Zender body kit, and looks the business to say the least.

4 Speed Auto which is really smooth and on the motorway drives like a R/R.

I'm even thinking of lowering it by another 75mm it will look the boss, i love it.

Bad points (1) when cold auto-box is slow

(02) window wiper don't last long

(03) econ not many miles around town

But this is a merc 300E, E Class and its great



23rd Sep 2004, 00:14

I own a 1992 Mercedes 300e and have found it to be the most reliable car I've evered owned. The fuel mileage is not the best I must agree. However, all the features like safety, durability, and resale value are big appeal. Plus I must disagree with the comment that the seats are uncomfortable.

4th Aug 2007, 14:13

I have Mercedes E 300 124 1992 Model with over 298000 KM mileage – 186250 Miles - and still going, I drove the car from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Jordan crossing the empty quarter desert clocking a speed of 160 between every fueling to Jordan, I drove it back from Jordan to Dubai - crossing all of Saudi Arabia in one of the most harsh deserts god made, and yes it was the car that is very durable and that journey reinforced my believe in MB, and I still use it in my daily travel. Some maintenance will always be there and that doesn't make it a bad car.

24th Oct 2007, 23:34

My experience with my 300E was a nightmare, so I feel your pain. Pretty much anything and everything electrical failed, in my opinion, prematurely. Transmission, motor and transmission mounts, power window, cruise, gauges, buttons, etc. So many things wrong by 100k miles. Sounds to me like your average American car.

I will say though that it was very well built and very high quality materials. I agree, the seats were hard as a rock. It felt like a sheet of plywood with bed springs underneath. Horrible.