28th Aug 2009, 06:40

I have had a 2002 ML 320 for years. I purchased it used in 2004 when I moved from Florida to New Jersey since I would need a 4WD in the snow.

Overall I am satisfied with the car, although I can sympathize with the posters who have had major quality issues with their. Mine has run fine and is basically sound mechanically. The general quality is less than what I was used to with Mercedes. I have had only one major repair in the the last 5 years... a couple of thousand dollars in front end parts that needed replacing after repeatedly driving over some of our notorious potholes. Minor problems included, the wind deflector on the sun roof broke and the passenger side mirror fell out of the housing.

Would I buy another one... doubtful... and I have been a satisfied Mercedes customer for years. I previously had a 1987 560SL for over 10 years with absolutely no problems of any kind. I currently have a 1999 E320 that I purchased used in 2002 that also has been trouble free. The 2002 ML 320 is more of a truck than a luxury car. It even handles like one.

8th Aug 2010, 12:00

"It's all about the logo..."

We finally broke out of that mindset. After Mercedes C-Class and BMW 5-Series, we opted for a more reliable Ford Fusion at half the price. Absolutely flawless and not a penny in repairs.

6th Nov 2010, 08:59

Bought used 2002 ML 500 from a Mercedes dealer; nothing but problems, last of which was rust developing in the tailgate. Surprised to learn Mercedes warranty for rust is only 4 years, BMW is 12 years, Porsche 7 years, and even Toyota is 5 years. Wrote Mercedes USA and Germany, reply: my problem to fix. It has become a liability issue driving this car around. Mercedes is guilty of false advertisement, stating their cars last for a generation, and the public should be made aware of this.

8th Nov 2010, 03:42

My benz ML 320, 2002 model, alarm comes on frequently without pressing the button whenever I park the car. Please, what can I do to stop this?

29th May 2012, 00:58

How could you assume that? These faults that are described here are not service-sensitive items anyway...

If you own, or have owed, a Mercedes M series, tell us why you like them - that is what this forum is here for.

6th Apr 2015, 01:26

My name is Jorge De Jesus from New Jersey. I have owned a 2000 ML 320 for eight years, which has 170k miles on it.

The passenger side front door does not lock, and jumps up and down at every single stop when I am riding in it.

The back door does not lock either.

The A/C compressor, gone.

Water pump, gone.

Radiator, gone.

But the scariest part, is that last year, while coming out of the New Jersey Turnpike, the steering became hard to handle and the car began to overheat, because somewhere along the way, a pulley came off, and I almost got killed.

With the exception of the locking problems, everything happened in the same year. How about that?

12th Oct 2015, 06:52

"Now whenever I go over a speed bump, my full dashboard of warning lights go on, and stay on. They say it's a sensor, replaced it, and it still happens."

Please, I have the same problem, how did you finally resolve it?