2002 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 320 3.2 from Guatemala


High class SUV, assembled in the US, not in Germany


At 150,000 km, the tire sensor that controls the ABS was replaced.

Radiator was repaired at 150,000 km too.

General Comments:

This is a very good car. Although it does not feel like it was German factory assembled, it's a Mercedes. I easily drove my car on the road, very comfortable, without noise and superior handling at 130 kmh, even in curves.

The inside feels very spacious, and quiet.

The steering wheel is very simple. I would like a steering wheel with at least radio control.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2012

2002 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 500 5.0L V8 from North America


Safety and comfort in one package, will be looking at replacing with a new ML or GL


Water pump went out at 138000, replaced gaskets between oil cooler and oil filter at the same time.

Brake pedal locking, preventing transmission from being engaged until override at 140000; addressed by dealer at no charge.

General Comments:

Great quality interior and seats.

Great ride, quiet.

FM radio appears to be a general issue with all the M series, -99 thru -04.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2012

2002 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 320 3.0 from North America


The engineering that other manufacturers wish they could achieve


Cam and crank shaft position sensors changed - no biggie.

General Comments:

My ML 320 saved my life on at least one occasion!!! South Florida can have Amazon Jungle like torrential downpours in the summer. This night my wife and I were driving late in one of those famous down pours when we exited I-95. The exit was dark because a lightning bolt had temporarily shut down the off-ramp light. I was cautiously coming off the exit at 45 mph, when in the dark, I hit a foot deep water puddle with my front passenger wheel. The collision with that puddle created a 10 foot high water splash, an impact that would have torqued a regular car out of control. The ESP program kicked in and started braking the wheels, and kept the car stable. I can tell you that I felt the energy of the impact flowing through the car, but the steering wheel stayed absolutely straight. I never lost control of the car, and I truly believe that if I were in any other vehicle, I would have lost control and probably sustained serious injury. Hat tip to the boys in Germany that got me home safely. I am currently looking at a CL to buy.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2010

5th Sep 2010, 21:50

I drive a C240, year 2002.

About three years ago I hit a huge truck tire (without the side wall) on the highway at 120 km/h (~75 mph). It happened so quickly that I didn't have any time to react. I got a palm size hole in the rocker panel, and the rear left wheel cap lost one of the three arms that form the pointed star.

Exactly as you describe, the steering wheel did not move at all and the car kept perfectly its trajectory. It didn't even touch the side of the lane I was in. I trust this vehicle as one of the safest out there in its class. If the things stay the way they are today with this company, it is highly probable that I will always have at least one Mercedes-Benz in my garage.

As an engineer, I think I understand a little better the amount of quality and genius that are in these cars. The folks at Mercedes have my respect and consideration.

2002 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML320 3.2 from North America


Mediocre at best; you don't look good pushing it


Transmission died at 71000. After a 5k repair, the car broke down again; this time the transfer case. It was probably the transfer case to begin with.

Thank God for my extended warranty.

Side panels for CDs collapsed after putting about 5 CDs in it. Sensors failed all the time. Some were changed by my son thankfully.

Car left me stranded 4 times in four years.

Car went into limp mode (computer decides not to go past first gear) because the battery was theoretically weak, even though the car would start without a problem. That cost me $150 to diagnose plus about $200 for the battery.

Also, the dealer was pathetic, they had the biggest attitude, like how dare I challenge their bills since it's a Mercedes after all. Give me a break. They would throw amounts over $1000 every time for general maintenance that was not needed. Most of those items were checking the fluids, the fuses, the air in the tires, etc.

General Comments:

Although pretty and overall comfortable, this was the worst mistake of my life. When my son broke his leg (he was 2), I had to trade my convertible for an SUV to make it easier for him to get in and out. I went for the ML thinking that long term it was going to be more reliable than a new cheap SUV. I was wrong. Should have leased an American SUV.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2009

9th Sep 2010, 02:06

Sounds like you got a lemon, however you say down the bottom you should have leased an American SUV. The ML320 is an American SUV, it is built in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

4th Oct 2010, 18:45

Hi there:

Although I know that the ML is made in Alabama, they still charge you as if it were a German car. I paid over $5k for a rebuilt transmission at 72k. That sucked.