3rd Sep 2007, 17:05

This car is actually produced in the United States.Alabama to be precise.

Plastic trims, altough specified by Mercedes in Germany, are all made in the USA.

Most of these trim suppliers don't know how to read the German specs...

20th Jan 2008, 07:06

To the above comment about not reading German specs...

Who cares?

Fallacious argument since Mercedes should be responsible for making sure this is done correctly, regardless of where the car was made, if this is even the case. It does not matter where is was made as MB quality control authorizes these products at their HQ I am sure.

I have sat in this minivan and got the feeling that it was more of a Korean car than a German car. This did not feel like an E or S class, and costs just about as much.

7th Feb 2008, 05:10


I sold this car and lost a third of its value in six months. An expensive lesson, but one I won't make again. It's six months on now and I have no regrets whatsoever. I have also noticed that Mazda here in Australia is now selling a car which appears to be identical to the R-class. What's that??? It's a third the price!!! Now I really feel like an idiot!!!

14th Apr 2008, 12:38

This review does not line up. The R class is made in Alabama not Germany. Windshield replacements and other parts come from America.

19th Jun 2008, 06:57

Why doesn't my review line up? Just because the Mercedes Benz dealership in Melbourne told me the nearest window was in Germany and not Alabama???

You work for Daimler Chyrsler!

I do not work for any car company. I am just the scmuck who bought one of these terrible cars. Notice even Mercedes has admited in the press that the R-class was not that great an idea.

The review is sadly true word for word.

16th Jan 2009, 05:56

The reviewer is incorrect. The R-Class is built in USA and not in Germany.

6th Mar 2009, 16:47

Please re-read his review. You are incorrect to state the reviewer is incorrect. The replacement window was state as coming from Germany, not the vehicle. I am happy to have read the reviewer opinion and it has put me on guard in relation to whether I would purchase this particular Mercedes. Looks like another sad effort - totally disregard for what used to drive this company - over engineering their products.

3rd Aug 2009, 14:22

The reviewer is correct, just because the car was made in Alabama doesn't mean that the spares must all be there as well.

The spares are available wherever the car is sold, if the only drivers window is in Germany then so be it.

It's a shame about the state of this car, I was going to buy one as it is about right for my needs, but it looks like it's a far eastern car for me next.

6th May 2010, 23:25

I don't think anyone has the right to hate a car over spare parts. If the engine had problems or if the car didn't stop at a red lights, then you have every right to bad mouth that car.

Another thing. This car is not made for off roading, so don't compare it with a Land Rover.

Please, next time if you are going to write a review, don't forget the good points about the car.

1st Aug 2010, 06:59

To the previous commenter, thanks the the critique on my review. Now read it again. I made some positive comments regarding the R-class, but they were definitely outweighed by the negatives. The comparison to Land Rovers was about technical simplicity vs computer city (the Merc) and was nothing to do with going 4wding. How about you take the reviews for what they are; someones experiences of a particular vehicle.

A couple of years have gone by now, and I stand by my assessment of the R-class.

6th Nov 2012, 06:31

Unfortunately the R-class is a POS and not up to MB usual quality standards. It's a mystery to me how MB dare to market such a total and completely pile of s**t. This car is quality wise a complete joke. My experience with a 4-5 year old R-class, having only 60,000 km, is rust in all 4 doors, rusted bonnet, poor fitting all over, uneven panel gap, squeaking and rattling doors and interior.

The car is simply so poorly put together, that it can't be used in heavy rain, and it lets in water. The interior is falling apart, and the leather seats are of poor quality, wearing quickly. Mechanically they are not sound either, and the front suspension needed work. Transmission went into limp mode twice because of shoddy electrical wires.

9th Jun 2014, 19:42

To the above comment, rust and poorly aligned panels sound like the car was involved in an accident and poorly reconstructed.

17th Feb 2017, 06:11

Original reviewer here. To end this saga, the R-class line was dumped by Mercedes Benz in 2012. A 6 year production run. Kind of says it all really.

18th Feb 2018, 02:10

The availability and quality of replacement parts is a valid concern for any car owner. It is absolutely worth mentioning in a review like this, especially as it is often not addressed in publications with professional automotive “journalists”.