1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S320 SE 3.0 petrol / LPG from Belgium


Great hobby if you have a great budget


Ignition module broken (+- 500 euro second hand).

Air conditioning leaks.

Central locking not working and some other things related to the vacuum pump.

Shock absorbers had to be replaced (500 euro second hand).

Oil leaks +- 1l per 1000 km.

Some other smaller things I forget.

General Comments:

Most impressive car I have ever driven (and probably ever will) and also the most expensive: spent +5000 euros on maintenance in 2 years (and I go to a garage that doesn't charge Mercedes maintenance prices).

Still love this car by the way. When I arrive home, I often wish the road was longer...

Not easy for city driving because it is 5m 11cm long and wider than an ordinary car.

Uses 16l/100km on average (LPG).

Oh yes, it pulls a bit to the right. Tried everything. Some say it is normal for old Mercedes models, because of the roads. That they used to align them a bit to the left in the garage. Nowadays these things are regulated electronically.

Conclusion: great hobby if you have a great budget. If you don't, I recommend you maybe buy one just for the experience and sell it again soon (what many people do once they realize the costs of the parts -> they are not so easy to find second hand. Also most mechanics don't really know how this car works: it is extremely complex to work on).

The person before me got the automatic transmission fixed, and the wiring harness is also something to check before buying. Air con evaporator can break -> costs 2000 euro because the entire dashboard has to be taken off.

There's a great forum on Facebook where owners help each other (Mercedes S Klasse W140 group -> no I am not the owner of the group, but I recommend you to join, because I have been helped a lot with my questions).

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Review Date: 7th January, 2020

1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 560 SEL 5.6 liter gas from North America


Swanky nightmare


So many things, I can scarcely keep track: exhaust leak, power steering pump, fuel pump, and fuel sending unit come to mind immediately.

General Comments:

Yes, they're classics. Yes, they're incredibly comfortable and swanky. Even at 23 years old, it drove like a dream -- when it drove!

I found a remarkably solid example in Kentucky. As it had had a top end engine and suspension rebuilds, it seemed like a good choice for a luxo cruiser. Even using independent Mercedes specialists, ordinary repairs (which you should expect at 142 K miles) cost me $4,500 in four months! Unless you do your own work, pass this by!

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Review Date: 26th March, 2013

1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 56 SEC 5.6 liter from North America


Best built car ever


Needs head gasket not repaired yet.

General Comments:

This car is Fantastic!! For it's age it is a beauty and I can't believe how well it handles on the road. It is meant to drive and I look forward to driving it everyday.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2007

1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 560 SEL 5.6 Liter V8 from North America


Very sharp and elegant, but not practical for 2007


The dealer sold us the car with a broken sunroof motor, and the parts plus labor ended up costing $600 so it is still broken.

I have to get it taken in every few months to tighten the belts and flush the power steering fluid, and that always costs well over $1,000.

At 83k miles the air conditioning compressor broke, and in Florida's brutal heat this is not acceptable. However the German car expert wants $2k to get it fixed and I highly doubt it should cost that much.

I went over a bump a little too fast and the radiator blew. It cost us another $1,000.

General Comments:

This car is very classy and is very advanced for its time - with standard ABS, SRS and hydro pneumatic level control. This car would survive any kind of collision and wouldn't have a scratch.

It's a true German tank. It's very solid and has an extremely powerful engine - love those 8 cylinders.

The powerful engine gives me an awful 10 MPG, costing me about $70-$90/week on gas alone.

However repairs have been extremely costly and the car obviously was not taken care of by the previous owner, it's a shame.

The interior is comfortable and the front and back seats are heated, and the back seat can recline. My friends always complain that it's too bouncy though.

This car is not for short people - the hood is gigantic. I have to sit on a pillow to be able to see the road (and I'm 5'2). It's very hard to steer (it takes a lot of arm power), and it's extremely difficult to park.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2007

13th Mar 2008, 18:16

It costs you over $1000 to get the belts tightened and the power steering fluid flushed? That makes no sense. First of all, these things should not cost anywhere near that much.

Second, I don't know why you find this necessary but it should not be needed that often. Something else is wrong if that's the case (though I can't imagine what that might be since it does not make any sense).

You seem to be getting ripped off.