1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class SEC 420 V8 from Estonia


Probably one of the 10 best cars ever built... EVER!


Suspension needed serious repairs, (around 1500€ spent on it).

The Curtain on back window is not working.

Rear left window (electrical), is not working.

Radiator is slightly leaking (has not been replaced yet).

Air Con need refilling.

General Comments:

This is my first car and for me it was a dream come true, when I saw this baby on sale. At first I was looking for w124 coupe, but my friend who owns a 560 SEC (probably the one in best condition in our small country) managed to change my mind. It was the first car we went to see and as the body was in superb order (no rust at all, which in our climate and road conditions for so old car is extremely rare), I decided to buy it.

So what did I get for 4500€:

Black leather interior, (heated) electric seats (with memory functions), cruise control, ASR, Air Con, Self-leveling hydraulic suspension, electric sunroof, 4X electric windows, heated rear window etc.


- "There is no replacement for Displacement" V8 165kw is superb, compared to the Golf we have in family. 200 km/h is no problem.

- Everyone wonders how silent it is. Absolutely incomparable to mid-class cars.

- It has the looks! New S-classes are too common nowadays here. But this baby is rare and turns heads. Germans say that this one of the last Mercs made, where engineers and designers (not accountants) were in charge and one can see and feel it. both interior and exterior has high quality and style in every detail.

- A truly simple car. It could be said that it is over-engineered, as every minor mechanism can be fully disintegrated (and fixed), if needed. Therefore it is relatively cheaper to repair (compared to newer cars). I do minor repairs by myself and I'm an office rat, not a mechanic :)

- Not the cheapest car to maintain. Mine was built 17 years ago and it starts to show. But taken into consideration the age, build quality is truly superb. These cars are built to last.

- All in all: anyone who plans to get one, it is expensive to maintain and it doesn't pay off if you need a car to get you from A to B. If you need something that can do that in style and comfort, it is THE THING!

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Review Date: 30th April, 2007

1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 420 SEL gas from North America


The perfect full size sedan


There is a bit of a rough idle when cold.

General Comments:

This is a dream car; the perfect car to eat up hundreds of miles effortlessly; set the cruise at 160 k and just cruise; quiet, soooo comfortable, classy and reliable; we recently left it unplugged at the airport and jetted to Jamaica; came back to a car left in the -40 weather for a week solid; 2 turns and it went; the best car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2007

7th Mar 2007, 16:27

I also have one (3/7/07) with 112,000 miles. I also bought a new 500 sedan. The latter sits in the garage except for short trips. I use the 420sel for trips of 500-3000 miles with a better ride, less fear of a breakdown and a real saloon feeling. Best saloon ever made.

1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 560 SEL from North America


It will be hard to buy another car of such quality


We've been lucky so far.

General Comments:

Top of line performance and luxury.

My husband and I bought our 1991 560 SEL a week before our first son was born last year. His mother had a 1973 420, which prompted us to look for a quality used car for our new family. We had no idea that the 1991 model was the last of their kind.

The fellow that sold to us had no idea either, there was only 80,000 miles on the motor, everything worked, sunroof, heated seats, a perfect interior and pearl black paint that told us it was probably stored in the garage with a cover. He sold it to us for only $2,000!!!

We have to make sure to look at the speedometer often, as the ride is so smooth it's hard to tell you're cruising over the speed limit, it was built for the speed limit less Autobahn.

We recently moved cross-country and I could not imagine driving anything else. I feel bad for my husband, after a full day of driving the moving truck he was tired, but I felt good. Even if your back starts to hurt, the heated seats melt it away.

His Uncle was willing to trade his 2000 Mercury Cougar for it....NO WAY!! Especially after the numerous problems, they have.

We got lucky!

!Gute Fahrt auf dem Autobahn!

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Review Date: 11th August, 2006

19th Aug 2006, 19:48

Congratulations! I recommend you replace the timing chain, chain tensioner and cam tubes (the plastic bits that oil the cam lobes). Maybe also the engine mounts. Then keep the car for 25 or more years!

8th Jan 2007, 21:29

We have a 1988 560 SEC with 211,000 miles on it that we have owned since it had about 65,000 miles and we have not had to replace any of the timing components. I would, however, recommend finding a good import mechanic like we have, because these cars require preventive maintenance.