1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 300SE 3.0 from UK and Ireland


Very high class bargain motoring


With the exception of a couple of adjustments, nothing!

General Comments:

This car has already covered twice the distance that most cars of its age have covered (230,000 miles), but it starts first touch of the key, purring into life then quietly ticking over at 600 rpm.

It is difficult to describe the S-Class, maybe the best analogy I have heard is that "it is carved out of solid Mercedes".

Nothing is missing. Nothing has snapped off. Everything works perfectly (including the entire electric pack).

When you consider the amount of service you are going to get out of one of these cars, it all of a sudden doesn't seem like quite as expensive a proposition to buy and run one.

You will be looking for around 30mpg on a run.

This car would make a prime candidate for a dual fuel conversion, as it has plenty of room for an extra tank and that would about halve the fuel costs in a stroke!

Thinking of getting one... DO IT! You won't look back.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004

7th Aug 2006, 01:36

Everyone should obey speed limit laws. I'm sure the police don't care that you're a sixth generation texan.

23rd Jun 2007, 03:13

I have a 1991 300 SE that I have owned for several years

I love this car. It is a great looking car.

My only complaint, it is too slow on take off.

I don't know why I would ever sell this car.

I want to restore it to mint condition.

Something about owning the best car every made (M- B).

I also want a 1991 560sel to restore also.

Are there any other 1991 300 SE lovers out there?

1991 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 300SEL 3.0 six cylinder from North America


Grand, elegant, diplomatic, fast, well-built!


Plastic side of radiator cracked, requiring entire new radiator ($900 at dealer).

A/C blower stopped working, requiring replacement.

A/C control unit started sending cold air when warm air desired (and vice versa), requiring replacement.

Transmission became slow to shift into reverse, requiring many new parts and gaskets.

Upper control arms on front suspension are shot at 150K miles. Time to replace.

She goes through brake pads, but that makes sense for such a big, heavy machine. (Don't ignore the brake-pad warning light until it goes off, which it does eventually. Then you'll be buying new rotors, too, as I did -- once.)

General Comments:

An amazing, fast, solid, comfortable, high-quality, well-designed car! Absolutely in love with it after all these years. Wouldn't dream of a new S-Class -- too forgettable and not enough "Mercedes-ness" anymore.

Quality of materials and fit is better than anything new. Glossy wood. Unbelievably fresh-looking leather after 155,000 miles. Feels like you could stand on the open gas flap. Door hardware and latches that are almost "over-designed." Glove box door lines up perfectly with dash. I could go on and on.

Quiet details continue to impress after seven years of ownership, such as wood trim on the dash that "wraps" around ends of dash, where it's only seen when doors are open. A turn-signal lever that is weighted perfectly. Simple, push-button switchgear that has a positive, solid feel to it. Even the chromed trim around the doorhandles where you insert the key is elegantly beveled and sculpted.

Rear legroom in my long-wheelbase W126 is positively generous, even when front seats are moved back. Everyone gets ample legroom in the stretch S-Class. First comment any backseat passenger makes!

The 3-liter six-cylinder engine is smoother than most V8s. It's a little slow off the mark (this is a big, heavy car!), but once she's wound up, there's power on tap. Silky smooth (a cliche, but true) and very, very quiet.

Brakes and steering a dream, with just the right balance and feel. I've never been afraid to fling this one around corners, despite its size.

A grand presence when parked or moving. I think Bruno Sacco and M-B got this W126 absolutely right in the aesthetics department. There's an absolute "rightness" to the lines. For such a physically big car, the folds and contours of the body make it appear remarkably light and agile. Same goes for the inside styling. Nothing jarring or zoomy or overstyled. There's a real Mies van der Rohe ("Less is more") quality to every line and surface.

Can you tell I'm in love? Nothing like approaching this authoritative, diplomatic machine, slipping onto that perfectly supportive seat and slamming that door. Thunk! Nothing sounds like it! Twist the key and glide away in all that leather, wood, solidity and absolute elegance.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2003

24th Nov 2003, 21:04

I absolutely agree. That car you have there is, in my opinion, the last over-engineered MB.

I once accidentally slammed my fingers into the door frame of my 300SE. My fingers looked like they had come out of a cartoon after I managed to get the door back open. You could only imagine the pain and agony that followed after. Those cars are almost TOO solid.

Anyway, I have three examples. I have a 300SE, a 300SDL, and a 350SD. I never plan on getting rid of any of them. You just cannot replace them, plain and simple. The long wheelbase model is definitely the best choice for road trips, but it sure is hard to park, isn't it? Not too different in length compared to my full-ton 3500 extended cab 4x4 pickup truck.