30th Oct 2007, 17:47

I just hit 200K miles on my 1991 300SE. The engine runs very well and the only issues I'm having with the car now is that it is failing inspection for emissions and there seems to be a freon leak. It also seems that the wheels go out of alignment pretty easily with this car. While it ain't cheap to maintain, I do think I'm going to shoot for 300K. I wish the car had side airbags.

10th Sep 2011, 17:16

Yes, I just bought one. Wow, it cost over 54K in '91, and it probably is as good now as it was then. Very well made car.

13th Oct 2013, 20:22

Hi. I love these cars. I plan to buy an SEL 300. I have read several reviews on this car. I know the SEL and the SE are the W126 body, but what is the difference between them?

22nd Feb 2014, 20:19

I'm in Malaysia. I drive my 300SE as my daily commute. The fuel consumption is good for this size of engine. It's slow on the go, but elegant... and she will hit 200 km/h if you want to. The engine will be revving too high though.

Mine is a 1989 model, but really still looks good, interior and exterior. It's 2014 now and she's still purring along with those modern newer cars, but she still looks elegant, though a little small now compared to newer compact cars, but who cares... she's a classic. By the time those modern cars start to fall apart, she will still stand and be purring as she did ages ago... Love it!

4th Jun 2014, 10:48

Yes, I agree, the 300 SE 1991 is a top car.

I wore my 1988 420 SEL out; 477223 km and it has lost compression on 2 cylinders. I'm keeping it to restore. The body is excellent, and I've been lucky enough to find a real nice 1991 300 SE, same colour and trim; so many parts are interchangeable.

My earlier Mercs were a 1960 190b, 1969 280 SE, my 420, and now the 300 SE. Maybe I'm an addict. I like cars built well out of iron in and around the sixties to the late eighties; after that most cars (even Mercs) went cheap.

OK, so I'm mature aged.

Roger, Western Australia.

24th Dec 2014, 11:32

The difference is 10 cm.