7th Dec 2001, 09:07

The question would be, though, would paint chipping really deter you from buying another Mercedes? The review is positively glowing; it sounds like the best car he/she has ever owned. Yet stone chipping means there's a nasty "unhappy" face in the lists. It strikes me as being a bit odd: I have a '99 E55 AMG with paint problems but it is not nearly enough for me to switch manufacturers...

6th Jun 2002, 05:32

But when your spending so much on a car, especially a Mercedes, you'd expect it to be spot on.

2nd Oct 2002, 16:20

I just purchased a Star Mark S500 2000 model. We absolutely love the car, but the radio reception is terrible, especially AM. I have been getting the run around at the dealer. Has anyone else had a similar experience with the Radio?

3rd Jan 2003, 12:45

Folks, I wanted some quick advice for anyone feeling helpful. I am not your typical Mercedes Benz owner. The only way I could get into the MB family was buying a used C class (1995 C280) back in 1999. It currently has 150K miles, but it's still running strong. So, I really respect the MB brand and want to stay with them. My dream is to save about $20K for a down payment and get the 2001 S500. I'll probably make the purchase in the spring of 2004. By then the total price for the 2001 S500 will probably be around $48K right? Here are some questions: What year will the current S class body be replaced? What are the major downfalls of the 2001 S500? Should I insist on buying from a MB dealership (pay more) and get the Star mark? Or should I buy from a private seller and get an aftermarket warranty from a good auto warranty company? I live in hot, humid Miami, FL - so I'm interested in the "air-conditioned" front seats... does that really work well? To get the larger tires and upgraded rims that read "AMG" do I need to find a sport-suspension? I'd appreciate any other hints!

11th Jan 2003, 03:15

I just leased an CL 500 and are having paint issues! Having 1200 miles only it has already been at the dealership for color sanding and NO I would not get another Mercedes even though this is a great driving vehicle. But, I feel the paint situation definitely needs to be taken care of immediately!

27th Feb 2003, 07:23

2003 SL500 colour Tansanite. The car was delivered scratched, is still scratched and MB are not interested in the slightest. I am sure they are well aware of the poor quality of the paint. How do they get away with it? Are we all stupid? The new cars unregistered in the showroom were exactly like my car, i.e. scratched!

I'm sickened after many, many new MB, but this will probably be the last unless there is a marked improvement in the paint quality and/or their attitude. Pure arrogance.

21st Sep 2003, 19:34

I worked at a Mercedes-Benz Dealership for several months and the paint problem is something that, I think everyone is aware of. It is a recent problem, if you look back at older model Mercedes, you'll find that there is an astounding difference in the appearance of the car, because the quality of the paint is so much greater. That's something that has become a common mark of quality with German vehicles, they're paint has a luster and resists chipping, and will look new for over 10 years generally speaking.

I doubt the paint quality will change in the near future, and personally it would stop me from buying a Mercedes, that is, unless I owned a paint-shop.

24th Feb 2007, 16:15

I live in Toronto Canada. I currently own 2 Mercedes (a 1993 190E and a 1997 C230. I love these vehicles and I plan on purchasing a used 2000 S430 this upcoming summer. I'm keeping the W201 and the W202 for my teenage children. My family is sold on Mercedes. I must say that the S Class from 2000 on is a gorgeous piece of machinery. The fluid organic lines put the competition to shame. Afterall, when one thinks of prestige, comfort and style combined with over engineered mechanicals, Mercedes is clearly the automobile which initially comes to mind.

13th Jan 2009, 17:48

I own a beautiful Black/Java S500 with 175,000 miles. This auto is still in great shape, including the paint and interior, just regular maintenance. Still running like a Champ. Love this car and performance, driving like crazy to get to the next level of high mile award for MB. I do recommend you find a non-dealer service shop; the dealers here are very fishy (that's being nice).

Again, great car.