2001 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S320L 3.2 V6 from Hong Kong


Top choice for a full size sedan




Airmatic shocks.

Electronic accelerator.

CD changer.

General Comments:

Generally, a very reliable and comfortable car. Running costs are reasonable for a car of its class.

Classic look. Still looks good for its age.

If taken care of properly, can last for over twenty years, although not as durable as the predecessor W140 S Class.

Nimble for its size and a good handling sedan of its size. The long wheel base is preferred, although it has lesser front headroom than the shorter version.

Very happy with its overall performance.

Many wealthy people are still using them in spite of their age.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2015

2001 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 280 2.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Not suited for me. Am disappointed


Gearbox problems with smooth changing in gears.

Air suspension leak; a very COSTLY fix.

All sorts of wear and tear in the car.

Has a bad sound system.

Air con buttons not functioning properly.

Bootlid hinge was broken and replaced.

Interior light broken.

General Comments:

I love Mercedes cars, but this is probably the worst I've had. Originally brought for my wife, but she bought a C300 as the car was too big. I have been driving it on a daily basis as my work car. I also have a E63 AMG, which I can only say is not even comparable to the S280.

It is useless in terms of power on the highway, but OK for normal roads. Very under powered and heavy.

S Class cars are high maintenance, don't buy one unless you have pocket change or know a technician to fix problems.

Would recommend the 3.7 V6 S Class or V8 models over the 280. I also think the new S Class is a huge improvement to the older model that I have. Have test driven and placed an order for a S600 to replace.

Overall, I think the old S Class is not great. Hopefully my new S Class won't disappoint!

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Review Date: 24th June, 2011

2001 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S500V 5.0 gasoline from North America


Brilliant german craftmanship


Crankcase sensor at 149,000 miles.

Trunk spring at 130,000.

Find a good local shop for your Mercedes; the two dealers near me are just poor in every way.

General Comments:

I really enjoy my S500; it has room for my family of five, cruises with no problems, plenty of power, does approx 20-25 mpg, and the car has been most reliable.

The paint shows some chips and dings, but still shines after a polish.

For a luxury car, it has been very inexpensive.

It's a little over 190k miles, and still running very strong.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2010

8th Apr 2010, 17:24

I am glad you like your S class. I have a S550 from 2008 or 2009 (the dealer never clarified), and it is an amazing car. Glad your like yours. I hope to get the S600 for my next car. V-12.. Fun!

16th Jan 2013, 00:09

I'd like to have a VIN number of this vehicle so I could run a service history on it. I've found it almost impossible to believe that an S500v can give you over 20 MPG...

I had one, and never got over 14 in city and 16 in combined driving.

When it comes to reliability, this car was the worst I have ever had. Would go over 1000 miles without having something broken. I'd like to mention that the head gasket and intake manifold assembly was replaced at 29330 miles! The self leveling system was a nightmare.

My neighbor has sold his S430 after 17 months. His was every month at the dealership for repair.

We got those cars the same week! Both made in Stuttgart.

At the dealer waiting room, all of us (owners of S-Class) hated our S Classes for poor reliability and poor engineering.

P.S. Only Mercedes has wires that will turn into blue powder inside of the insulation. To fix the engine wiring harness problem, it will cost you about 4200$, and after 38k they will charge you again. I have refused to pay again for it, and decided to get rid of this thing. NEVER AGAIN S-CLASS. NEVER!!!

I'll go with a Lexus LS. I have no time and will to support my regional MB dealer. No thanks.

9th Jun 2016, 00:51

I don't agree with this guy's comments. I think he really has a Lexus and is trying to convince others to buy Lexus, because if you read the other comments from owners, they all love the car.

I love the 140 body, but I also love the w220 also. I do know that Mercedes spent a billion dollars on the W140, and it maybe one of the most over engineered Benz ever.