2001 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S55 5.5 AMG from North America


Car that you'll have for ever


Nothing has really gone wrong with the car. This is Mercedes Benz and this car is nearly flawless. I had recently replace the brakes both front and back and put new tires (THIS CAR HAS NEARLY 120,000 MILES) Else than this I hadn't do much to the car. This car is seriously the best and I think there is a big chance that this car will last for another 400,000 miles or so. I had a '98 S600 but in that 600 everything started to go wrong after 25,000 miles!!! I thought I will never buy a Mercedes anymore, but I decided to give it a try and seriously it was worth it.

General Comments:

My S55 is seriously the best in every way possible:

1) The engine never let me down, 5.5 l 355 hp = extremely fast car,

2) This is Mercedes = extremely comfortable,

3) Looks perfect,

4) Big improvement over the last Mercedes I have had ('98 S600)

5) Worth to pay over $100,000.00 for a new one.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2004

8th Jan 2006, 01:59

This review is encouraging. I hope you are not from the dealership itself. May be the reason that this car has had little problems is its AMG status. AMGs are custom made, well sort of, and everything is probably checked more rigourously than on other S class models.

2001 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S-430 4.3L V8 from North America


This is an excellent vehicle


The central computer failed. Warranty.

The telephone failed. Warranty.

The key has failed three times resulting in lockout. Still doesn't work.

General Comments:

This is a wonderful automobile to drive over long distances. I recently drove it over 7,000 miles and in one day, over 1,000 miles.

It is a delight in all handling situations with brakes you can believe in.

It is huge, but other than city parking, this hasn't been a bother. The parking assist radar works as advertised.

The car has no residual value at the end of the three year lease. Depreciation is just amazing.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

2001 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S320 petrol from UK and Ireland


Small problems otherwise a very enjoyable ride


I dislike the cheap plastic that can be found in the car. The cup holders and the small pen holder (which is too small) is made from the same plastic you find in your kids toy cars.

The glove box needs some work, after a while it doesn't close properly, so it appears buckled.

The Parking Sensors switches off by itself from time to time, and doesn't come back on when you really need it. In other words it doesn't operate full time.

The ride itself isn't that comfortable, you can still feel most of the road, although its more comfortable that most cars its still doesn't feel as though its worth the price of £45,000.

The climate control is pretty poor, the fan doesn't blow hard enough when you need it to, for example; it's a really hot day in London, and you car feels like it's an oven. You switch on the a/c it blows as if the temperature outside is mild!!. My E-Class has better a/c and heating than the S-Class. The radio, without the command system, is pretty poor, my shogun gets better reception than the S-Class.

About a year after purchasing the car the on-board computer failed, and so did the wireless key entry. So what does this mean?

Well it means you can't get into the car as the key's battery doesn't work. Also the entire dashboard goes completely black, none of the indicators work, even if you manage to get the car started.

General Comments:

In general the car isn't bad, I guess I noticed most of the problem because I spend so much time in the car. I would recommend buy a Mercedes Benz as the customer care is very good, at least in London. Even though their prices are over the top.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2003

29th May 2005, 04:44

I own s320 Mercedes-benz 2001 with 41500 kilometers only. it died on me while I m on the hi way. my speed was 120 nd I was using the cruise control. it continued turning off every time I start and. it took me one and half an hour to get back home. the dealer engineer told me there is recall on these vehicles, but he did not go into details. i m selling this car as soon as I receive it back from the dealer workshop.