10th Feb 2005, 11:25

Is the trap oxidizer a recall?

28th Feb 2005, 20:08

Trap Oxidizer replacement is performed as a re-call at any dealership in the US. This recall applies to 87 300SDL and 300D models and possibly some 86 model 300SDLs that were sold in CA. Dealerships will still honor this recall AND replace turbo charger and associated parts that may have been damaged by the trap oxidizer.

21st Nov 2005, 18:54

Best car made.

12th Dec 2005, 18:40

I'm wondering what type of mileage you get out of this car?

27th Jan 2006, 03:18

I just bought a 1987 300D turbo. I appears to have plugged trap oxidizer and lock turbo. Is it still covered under the recall? - Thanks.

10th Mar 2006, 05:05

Both of my parents have 1987 300SDLs. Mother's car is over 225k miles and Dad's just passed 154k (A family friend is approaching 450k). These cars will run forever with routine maintenance, however; when I asked my dad what "routine maintenance" entailed, he told me that he budgets around $1000 a year (per car) to keep them running well.

27th May 2006, 12:22

I have recently purchased a 1987 300D turbo for my wife. The car is way down on power. Checked and found out the trap oxidizer was replaces in 1997. Runs well, but very little oomph... and the turbo does spin and the waste gate is not stuck.

Can I just cut out the exhaust section where the oxidizer (or its replacement) is and put a straight through section there? Don't care about smog stuff as that is not a concern where I live.

28th May 2006, 08:31

I just bought a 87 300sdl with the old oxidizer, 215,000 miles. Can I still get the recall done? Thanks.

31st Dec 2006, 16:37

Yes the recall is still valid.


14th Jan 2008, 09:07

FANTASTIC CAR! I have one, in Portugal, and it's the best thing I have!

11th Mar 2008, 19:38

My (new) 85 300D had the trap oxidizer replaced at 70k by dealer mechanics. The engine seems strong and even to me.

I am concerned that the replacement part will cause the same concern as the model that was 'recall'.

The original letter from MB suggests the trap oxidizer be inspected every 30k. Would this be just for the original one of note, or any replacement as well? Should I be concerned?


21st Apr 2009, 20:57

I have a 1987 300SDL and I love this vehicle.

The comments regarding "regular maintenance" being essential to longevity are dead on. When I purchased mine (after considering 4 other cars in various areas of California) it had about 153K on it and I had planned on replacing the timing chain at 200K. Unfortunately I failed to inspect it for wear and it broke & dropped out of site at 191K. Engine died, & it appears I have 2 valves bent, until I remove the head I won't know about piston or other additional damage.

Word to the wise: while the 5 cylinder version of this great 3.0 liter diesel's timing chain is more forgiving (I have heard of 10 degrees of slack & no problems), this 6 cylinder needs to be replaced when you exceed 3-5 degrees slack, PERIOD!...

I purchased a Lexus LS400 to replace, & while it is very quiet & runs like a Swiss watch, it cannot match the over 12 year older 300SDL for handling, and after a 2.5 - 4.0 hour ride, I am less fatigued when I exit the Mercedes. To me, this model is not only durable and reliable with proper maintenance, it also was one of the most beautiful body styles ever produced.

28th Feb 2010, 12:31

I have just purchased a 1987 300 SDL. I realize many people have asked previously, but I would like to know if the recall is still being honored.

4th May 2010, 11:01

My 1987 300D Turbo takes off slowly. I have to accelerate and hold before it will go. I don't drive it now, because at stop signs and lights, it takes too long to accelerate. Does anyone know what the problem is?

17th May 2010, 17:22

This guy says Mercedes honored the recall after 22 years. See the link on YouTube (below):


29th Sep 2010, 13:24

Owned an '87 SDL since 1992 and done over 200k miles.

While most about this car is already covered in these posts, my own tuppence:

Do NOT use home-stored fuel oil. I had been using heating oil for the past thirty years with no problems. Then, suddenly, all sorts of fuel problems occurred. This was recently. Problem is algae infestation that is extremely hard to get rid of.

Heating fuel oil is NOT the problem, especially with regard to the SDL, although others will debate 'Heating fuel vs. Diesel'. :)

Algae infestation can be very expensive to fix. They cling to the walls of the tank and stick inside the tank's seams. Apparently the microbes had been building up in my storage tank over the decades. Do fuel up at truck stops. In the long run it is cheaper!

3rd Nov 2011, 08:18

Hi, I have 87 300 SDL Canadian model. What is trap oxidizer, and is it still a recall item in Canada?

15th Jul 2015, 23:23

Can I call the dealer and see if that's been done on my 87 300SDL?

30th Dec 2015, 02:41

I have a 1987 300D with the trap oxidizer. I called 3 Mercedes dealers to get them to change the trap. They all took the Vin # and politely refused to honor "the recall".

What now..?