8th Jan 2006, 01:01

I think SUVs are a Toyota thing. Do you know Land Cruiser? And since Lexus is also a Toyota thing so SUVs are a Lexus thing.

LX470 by Lexus is the Land Cruiser platform with enhanced luxury and exterior styling only. I think this Mercedes s class review is all set to degenerate if we don't stick to the S class only.

8th Jan 2006, 01:48

Replies to the first comment:

1- How long does the black showroom-shine lasts?

A- No more than two years. Swirls in black are the main culprit. Two years only when you keep it wet with wax all the time and drives less than 20,000 miles per year and store it in a garage. You will find yourself cleaning your car more often than ever before.

2- How is the reliability when travelling long distances in one-go?

A- There are two things to that:probability of failure and time it will take to get you back on track if it fails. The probability of break-down failure is very low during the first 5 years of ownership (even lower than most SUVs). But the time to get back on track will be enormous due to the lack of proper mechanics and availability of spares. Also consider some bad day when you may hit some deer on the freeway, you'll loose almost $50,000 from the total value if it happens within 5 years of ownership. If you gets stuck on a saturday, forget it till monday that your car will even see a proper mechanic and spare.

3- What is the second best colour to black for S class?

A- Its Silver. The German flagship colour. Lasts much longer too.

4- What about theft?

A- No one will take your car away. But expect broken windows and broken interior even in the best of the cities. Even slightly damaged exterior. Could put you in hyper tension.

I've never owned a mercedes, but owns a black colour BMW 7 series and I think these issues with mercedes will be same. If I am wrong, please correct me.

23rd Jan 2006, 23:23

Probably that is the only reason people buy mercedes in colours other than black. So, are there any transparent coatings which can save the paint to last 10 years?

24th Jan 2006, 15:11

The Town Car, Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria are among the most reliable of cars.

The point I was making about Mercedes S-Class is that they are just over-engineered for the USA.

You just cannot get away with going long distances at 120-140 mph as I used to do in Germany.

Many rich people drive Town Cars and think a Mercedes is not suited to driving conditions in the US.

But it is nice to see these lovely cars on the road.

It would be boring if we all drove the same cars.

4th Apr 2006, 18:11

People just buying Mercedes with out idea, that all models after 2000 built by Chrysler, and all Chryslers are junks. I have my 1995 s 320, and I have no problem with that car. So please don't say that Mercedes is a bad car, because it's depends on year also on you driving and prew. owner.

4th Aug 2006, 11:39

I have owned at least 4 Mercedes in my life, and can honestly say the 2004 S500 I purchased was the worst product they have ever built. In my opinion, Mercedes has a long way to go in proving itself as great car again.

Consider the 4 power windows on the passenger side going bad, (I mean how often do you use the passenger window?) an automatic trunk that works when it wants to, the brake warning light suggesting I stop and visit the shop that goes on and off at will when my brakes are just fine. Also, an air suspension system that lowers the frame down on the wheels and locks the car from moving whenever it feels like, and how about a blackout on your dashboard and instrument lights when you are driving at 70 miles an hour at night on the 405 freeway?

But the real kicker is when you call the dealer and they say "well it might come back on or it might not. Bring it in, we will take a look at it, but there are 4 other guys ahead of you with the same problem"

So at $90K+ for the S500, and a bunch of waisted time at the dealer, it was not worth it. I would feel better to take my money and gamble it away in Vegas. Mercedes has got to do better.

Anthony Love.

12th Dec 2006, 20:57

I agree that a Town Car is more suitable in most states than a Mercedes. In West Virginia, for example, the handling characteristics of the S would shine. However, in Florida where the roads are straight with light curves the Town Car would do equally well as the Benz. I have owned my current Town Car for almost four years and have over 130000 miles on it. I have only taken it to the dealer for a repair once and it cost less than a hundred dollars. Mercedes' have become to technically advanced for their own good. for example the window switch on a Lincoln or an older Mercedes costs about forty dollars. The same switch in a 2000 or newer S costs over seven hundred dollars because it is computerized. I am preparing to trade in my Lincoln and will most likely go with another Town Car. Why? Because while I could afford the initial purchase cost of, and would prefer, an S I could not afford the repairs that would be needed over five years of ownership and 150000 miles. I agree that the Lincoln needs more Horsepower, 239 is not enough. Maybe I'll get it supercharged.

18th Apr 2012, 13:52

I think what is stated makes no sense, there is no comparison to a Lincoln and an S Class, there is no comparison. An S Class is most people's dream, not a Lincoln.