7th Apr 2007, 07:02

Update.After running Diesel Kleen, and Marvel Mystery Oil 12oz. each fillup, and driving for mileage. I now get 41mpg.

17th Jun 2007, 11:33

Update.Drove it 2800 miles non stop on a trip.34mpg and no problems. Best vehicle I will ever own. I would not sell her for over a $100,000.

Built to last, a real diesel.

25th Oct 2007, 07:25

I'm sorry, but I find your assertions hard to believe. That nothing has gone wrong is implausible. I'm on a very active Benz forum and everyone has a good deal of trivial problems. And 41mpg is purely impossible. I got 32mpg once averaging 55 maybe even 50mph with no a/c on flat roads all highway and no one believes me. We Benz owners love our cars, but it's not fair to people reading this to omit the downsides.

6th Nov 2007, 18:56

Yes I did get that mileage however my injectors all 5 were almost clogged. Now with the new ones 34 hwy and 36 to 38 in city driving. A diesel uses fuel with rpm, I've noticed higher city driving in contrast to gasoline engines. With new injectors I've had to put a large rubber stop on the fuel pedal, to slow me down, and keep my good mileage. i find no fault with the vehicle, of course everything that will break with age, I repaired first.I'll never waste money again on new cars.

29th Apr 2008, 15:40

Well I converted her to a homemade 2 tank system. I run waste vegetable oils in stock tank, and diesel in a 3 gal tank for purging. I had a hot plat heat exchanger and fatty wagons injection line heaters. I get 34 hwy on waste vegetable oils at 70 to 75 mph. Better than diesel at those speeds.

29th Jun 2008, 13:08

Please ignore the above post! Even the window sticker states 27 mpg when new. Just remember to adjust your valves do a diesel purge once a year and keep on rolling. The downside is some maintenance required, but that's what high end cars require, and in return you get a car that can withstand a large suv t-boning you and you get out and walk away.

1st Sep 2008, 19:00

Well after running 35% wmo 37mpg on a trip at 80 mph. Rpms at 3200.

I'm the owner of the car, and a diesel tech.

16th Oct 2012, 15:22

If you are a diesel tech, you should know that with clogged injectors, your mileage would have gone down and the car would have ran terrible. Also, anyone knows that the in city mileage is always less than highway. I have a 1983 300SD and I love it, but there is no way whatsoever that it will ever get that kind of mileage. I also run WVO and Biodiesel that I make myself, and the mileage on WVO and Bio is a little less than on straight diesel.

They are wonderful cars, but they have their problems just like any other car. Their biggest pluses are they are fairly easy to work on, and used parts are easy to find. The current scrapping of all the old cars does worry me somewhat as to the future supply of used parts.

You are doing these cars a great disservice by exaggerating the MPG. Folks who buy them on your advice will spend lots of money thinking something is wrong, because their car won't get the mileage you described.

18th Sep 2013, 05:49

I have no reason to lie, however the 41 MPG was in error; the gas station where I fuel it was messed up. He has since put in new pump. It now stays at a constant 30 MPG, with a trip solely interstate at 32. I no longer run WVO, because it's hard to find.

Mileage now at 344,000 miles, no oil loss.

Thinking of replacing the timing chain.

May use the engine in another vehicle, because the interior is shot.

Transmission is still the same; I used Mobil One ATF and Rotella oil.