27th Oct 2004, 15:50

The rear wipers come on in reverse for a reason - so you can see where you're going! Annoying I know, but it's been designed that way.

I've also had a problem with a non-specific grinding noise when pulling away in 1st gear (I have a 112 auto) that the garage cannot locate.

Plus the heat defector plate between the exhaust and the fuel tank has come loose and rattles - garage continue to tighten bolts at every service, but they soon work loose.

Central locking tends to act up in the rain - i.e. opens and shuts at will! Not confidence boosting when you need to leave it in a multistorey car-park.

All in all though the van drives well, and (so far) I've had no expensive repairs to pay for (125000 miles and still going strong.

22nd Feb 2005, 18:27

Mercedes Vito 113--1998.

I had enough, I'm disgusted with this van since I bought it always gives me problems, it is built very cheap everything is snapping of or braking, from mechanical to trim, today the window winder came out of its place last week the slave cylinder was dripping oil.

Two weeks before that the door opening cable snapped, the radiator thermo switch went, and before that the boot handle Broke in my hand, the drive shaft Broke in pieces, always leaking water from radiator. the gear change knob Broke to pieces my seat stitching is becoming undone, the brake disk was worn out and the brake booster had enough went to, when the van was not even 4 years old, then the muffler went and so many other things. It is built very cheap I'm not impressed at all, I always thought Mercedes as very reliable, but now I know it's not. How can I sell it to someone else, this van is only 7 years old now and I feel like dumping it before gives me more problems and cost.

I hope they will improve the next model. Or stop building such cheap quality vans, I could have bought a less value van. Such is life more you pay more you suffer.

I have wrote this letter in 2003 to Mercedes and I got no comment. what would be the next step?

22nd Mar 2006, 04:27

From day one I have had nothing, but problems with the voto 113 van. I purchased it new in 2000 and these are the problems that I have had.

Broken part in the accelerator and I was stranded on the first day on the road.

Sent van back 2 times to replace petrol gauge and it still only registers 1/2 full to this day.

Hand brake buzzer continually beeps for long periods without any warning and decides to stop when it feels like it.

Passenger mirror fell off while the car was parked and engine off.

Indicator fell off.

Water pump required replacing at 70 000 km cost $680.00.

Head cracked at 100 000 km cost $3,600.00.

The van is very gutless especially if the air conditioning is running.

This is the most poorly built van I have ever owned and will not recommed it to anyone. However I can say only one thing in its favour and that is that it has good looks. This alone does not warranty its purchase.

9th Sep 2008, 19:18

I have the same problem and the fan is really noisy, it is quite embarrassing coming on all the time. I think it is just this model as my friend has one too and it does the same thing.

Mine has always overheated in traffic whilst it is stationary, and hence the fan comes on, and I have had it looked at and there is nothing wrong.

I love the van, but hate the noisy fan and the huge expense getting it fixed or looked at. The the parts are something else. They are sooooooo expensive!!!

26th Nov 2008, 11:15

I have a 1998 Vito 114, which is parked more often than been used. I have changed the fuel pump, alternator, AC compressor, bearings, etc. Now I'm told I need rear speed sensors. I've been searching online but never seem to get any information on my type of Vito. Can I get any information on this extinct brand and where I can easily order spare parts.

28th Jun 2009, 04:13

I have just bought a Vito 113 1998, but it does not have the owners manual with it. Can any body help me obtain one or direct me to where I can get one? As the Mercedes site requires you to be registered with Mercedes to access the site.


25th Jan 2010, 18:00

I have a Vito 108 year 2000. The battery went dead on the van one week ago, and the dash went dead with a clicking noise coming from the rear of the dash. I have now installed a new battery, however the dash panel is still dead and the clicking noise is still there? Does anyone have any suggestions. I have checked the main fuses, but could not find any blown.

10th Jul 2010, 02:29

God Bless you all for warning me, I won't be buying one now :D.

29th Oct 2010, 08:59

Thank you all so very much for all of your generous comments, highlighting the fundamental flaws with the Vito.

I was an inch away from driving down tomorrow morning and purchasing a 1999 Vito manual 113. However, I thought I'd do a little research, which led me to this forum!! Fantastic, I truly believe you guys have saved me a huge heartache (not to mention a very dry wallet / bank account).

I genuinely hope those who still own a Vito have better success in the future, but I have completely decided to stay clear of them...

If it's any consolation, the Vito is, by far, the best looking van around I believe.

Regards and warm respects.

19th Dec 2010, 08:37

Hi, I own a 2001 113 Vito petrol. It has had the usual limp home fault for months, and now has developed a weird vibration from the engine.. Anyway, I feel I must add that this van has done 458000kms, and still sounds sweet.

I won't be taking it to a MB dealer though, as I also own a 1982 W123 280e, and when I asked them to check the emulator in the gearbox, they flatly refused, saying it's too old.

I'm a trained mechanic, albeit a bike mechanic, who owns a motorcycle rescue service, so a reliable van is absolutely paramount (I mean, can you imagine me turning up to a bike breakdown in a van that's broken down!!!), but I'm amazed at the sheer bad service we have to put up with these days. My god, MB you're involved in a service industry, so let's have some service.

Still, the little van has done me proud and soldiers on, even with all the built in traps for the unaware.

Buy one, but make sure it's been serviced regularly, preferably NOT by a MB dealership; a good MB tech garage should suffice. I've been taking my car to the same little Italian for years, and he's excellent. Find one and keep him sweet, and you'll be right (famous Aussie last words LOL)

19th Dec 2010, 23:02

Sounds like you may need some motor support replaced.

6th Sep 2012, 01:40

I have had my 113 Travelliner for 8 years now, and find it to be a fantastic, versatile vehicle.

It's old and reliable with no rust, and I live near the sea and it is never garaged.

To the person who is moaning about them being rubbish and all the bits falling off and breaking, my advice... don't be so tight and buy from a scrap yard and try to run it on the road. You get what you pay for, and if you care for your Vito, they run for 250,000 miles no problem. 2 of my friends also have old Vito's, and they wouldn't change.

28th Dec 2012, 19:35

I have 1998 Merc Vito 113 manual in Australia.

Someone gave me the van for free. It is nice looking van with a lot of space for tools, but so far it has cost me $3000 to fix bits and pieces.

I would recommend a 1997-2003 TOYOTA HIACE SBV 2.4L; they are very reliable if you are looking for 2nd hand van.

P.S. The fuel pump needs to be replaced on my Vito (approx $800 Aus).

Can someone tell me how much is the fuel pump for 113 Merc Vito (1998) in the UK?

19th Feb 2016, 01:14

Try MB spares in Canberra, usually well priced parts!