5th Mar 2006, 09:45

I am considering the new Vito Minibus CDI automatic. Can anyone give me some views? I'd prefer a stick shifter which is 6 speed for commercial use, but C&C does not bring that in.

The current price is S$85K new.

How about the older Vito Minibus? The turbo diesel variant.

My idea is to convert this into a Luxo Barge. GSM, Fax, Internet, DVD and all. A truly mobile office.

11th Dec 2006, 02:50

Thinking of changing from passenger car into a Vito. How much is the insurance for this Vito in Singapore?

11th Dec 2006, 06:36

I have a Merc Vito 110 CDi on an 02 plate. It's a great van to drive, but my locks are playing up big time. I have snapped two keys off in the van already, has anyone else had this problem?

20th Jun 2007, 15:51

Hello please can anyone help??? I have a 2003 Vito 110 CDI panel van done 75k.

Only this week it has been giving problems starting whether from cold or hot. when I do get it running I cannot fault it as it drives fantastic with power and runs smooth.

Although the problem started last week only today I am left with the heater plug light on when running.

Had it on a fault code reader, but states (no codes to read)

it feel like a fuel problem, but not sure...

Can anyone help please.

1st Jul 2007, 16:31

Hi there the guy with the starting problems I suspect you have a faulty glow plug or two which is common on this van. I think if you have them checked out you will find that's the problem. hope that helps.

23rd Jul 2007, 11:45

Hi! I have V230 1997. need to replace rear absorber, driver side power window motor/cable, drive shaft, fuel tank (leaks) and many more thing! need help to get workshop address and price indication.

4th Aug 2007, 03:25

The hot or cold starting problem will be a faulty injector... do an easy DIY leak test by taking the return pipes off each of the 4 injectors and cranking engine over, and if you get more than a spit out then it's faulty and needs replacing, and your starting problem will be fixed.

As a emergency, you can get it running with a very little, and I mean very little, spray of easy start in top air flow pipe.

26th Sep 2007, 18:45

Can anybody help me - I own a Merc Vito 110 CDI. I have lost the power of my car - it has went into limp mode and will not rev over 3000.rpm I have changed the air flow meter and it is still the same - has anybody had this problem before? Could you please tell me if there are any other sensors that I should try and change.

11th Feb 2008, 09:00

Hi, I have a Mercedes 110 cdi. It has no power and won't go above 3000 rpm. Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it?

15th Feb 2008, 19:13

The camshaft sensor is probably not reading proper, the van is running in safe mode, you need a new sensor, I suspect.

27th Feb 2008, 03:31

I have Mercedes Vito cdi110, and it stop giving up fuel, but when you step on the brakes, it will again restore and can be driven again. Do you know what seems to be the problem? We brought it to the dealer, but still they cannot find the reason. They say that they have to open up the engine, but it seems the computer cannot read what the problem is.

9th May 2008, 06:32

I have a Mercedes Vito 2004 119CDI and having major problems with the spare wheel cable breaking this has happened on 3 occasions now and it's been lucky it hasn't killed anyone. Lucky for on-coming traffic on all occasions flashed their lights to let me know as there is no warning and never heard or seen it go. Has anyone else had this problem, I am a courier driver and stick to the main roads now off road or bumpy roads.

J Docherty

Gold Coast


23rd Jun 2008, 09:53

I am curious to know more about the comments of the gentleman who says he has lost his spare wheel 3 times due to the cables snapping. I have just purchased a Vito 115cdi and the spare wheel is missing, and just has the 2 broken cables. I thought the spare had been stolen, but this could be the explanation. Has anyone else had the same problem?


Portsmouth UK.

25th Jun 2008, 13:44

Hi I own a 05 Vito 12 weeks out of warranty.supposed to have 12 years warranty on paint. About 18 months ago the red paintwork started to go dull. But being a bit ignorant just started waxing more often. But now turned milkey white went to Merc. But they r not interested. Wondered any body else with same problem.

7th Aug 2008, 09:27

Hi, can anyone help. I have a 03 plate 110 vito that will not start when hot. It starts first time every time when cold. The battery seems strong and turns the engine over with ease. many thanks.

13th Sep 2008, 09:52

Hi, anyone can recommend any workshop for vito servicing or repair in Singapore?Thank u.

20th Mar 2009, 12:23

I am getting a coe (renewed after a decade) 110 cdi. Any chance of it giving up?? And it has some prob with the injectors, but solved. How often do the injectors fail you guys. And what is the maintenance like?? Oil change every ??km and other fluids.

3rd Apr 2009, 08:36

Hey, shall we form a Vito group in Singapore? Then we can share more info between each other. What do you guys think?

4th Apr 2009, 11:27

Hi there, I have a Mercedes Vito 115 CDI, 2005 model. Besides continual problems with the handbrake not being able to hold the weight of the vehicle, I have lost the spare wheel for no explainable reason, the driver's side window stopped functioning, and at considerable expense had it repaired, and now a month later almost to the day, the passenger window has stopped functioning.

I am in Cape Town, South Africa and would like any advice on how to open the panel on the inside of the door, as the screws turn but do not come out, for me to get to the window to close it. I am afraid to rip them as I don't have screws like that on a weekend, and need to close the window A.S.A.P.

Any help would be appreciated.


Mail to: david@bunkhouse.co.za

7th Apr 2009, 08:11

Hi, I own Vito 2002. I am having problem with air-con. Sometimes it is cool and sometimes it's not. I also having problems with the interior roof lining. Has anyone encountered the same problems?

14th Dec 2010, 12:31

Hi. I have a 2002 Vito 110 CDI but I am only getting 16 miles per gallon of fuel? I read elsewhere that they are an economical vehicle to run. Not the case for mine... Any ideas why it's using so much fuel?

It starts every time and runs perfectly, though the glow plug light remains on after start, but I know that's due to a faulty glow plug.

Any help/advice appreciated.

8th Feb 2011, 16:39

Hi I have a 52 plate Vito. It will start when cold but after I have driven it for a while it will not start when warm.

Please can anyone help. Thank you...

21st Sep 2011, 11:48

Hi there.

Was just wondering if the fault with the Vito 110CDI was in fact the camshaft sensor?

Many thanks.