21st Sep 2011, 11:56

I do believe the answer to that question is to replace the diesel filter? I seem to remember experiencing that fault before!


24th Aug 2012, 07:31

I own 2008 Vito 115 LWB, bought new in December 2008. The white paint is very chalky and will not polish or shine.

It gets washed every few weeks, but no polish in the first year.

Just turned 130K this week, and a new water pump was fitted after it developed a leak at the weep hole ($980).

Also the steering lock failed, leaving me stranded after filling up with fuel, because the ignition would not work ($1165).

Third set of tires fitted this week ($800 set), two sets of front brake pads ($320 a set), and one set of rear pads ($182).

After all that, it drives extremely well; good fuel consumption and power, but the paint looks bad.

31st Aug 2012, 07:32

Hi, I have great faith in my 110. Had it since new 8 years ago, and it's doing 8l/100 km combined, 7.4 motorway and 6.8 country roads. 310k kms on the clock now.

11th Sep 2012, 09:28

I had the same problem recently, it was the injectors that had coked up. Just put injector cleaner in fuel tank and run for an hour. Putting injector cleaner in fuel tank every 50,000 klms should keep it starting OK.

25th Feb 2013, 21:42

Can anybody help me - I own a Merc Vito 110 CDI auto. I have lost the power of my car - it has went into limp mode and will not rev over 3000 RPM - has anybody had this problem before? Could you please tell me if there are any other sensors that I should try and change?

25th May 2013, 01:04

I have a Vito CDi 110 diesel. Its acceleration does not go beyond 3000 RPM. What could be the problem?

11th Feb 2014, 09:24

I have had my spare wheel cable broken off as well. It happened to me because I did not pull the spare wheel tight against the body of the car when hoisting it in with the cable. You have to pull it tight against the spring in the lifting point, otherwise the cable flexes just above the lifting point crimp and breaks off the steel fibres as you travel. I just took the cable to a hydraulic workshop and they crimped the mechanism on again, but I was lucky in getting everything back after it broke off.

20th May 2014, 03:00

Hello sir, your Vito has a defect on element shut off in the fuel high pressure pump... and you may need to check as well your electric switch over valve... code P1188 and P1622.

27th May 2014, 16:00


When the car won't go over 3000 RPM, it has gone into limp mode, which means something is wrong.

Get the car analyzed at a garage to get the error codes; this can help with solving the problem.

It can be all from a split pressure hose, clutch switch, a dead turbo or a lot of other things.

The car's software has limited the RPM to protect the engine.

Any repairs lately?

1st Sep 2014, 08:30

I had the same hot starting problem. A Merc specialist charged a fortune to not solve the problem, which was eventually solved by an independent diesel specialist, who immediately identified the cam sensor and fitted a new one for a fraction of the expected cost.

23rd Nov 2014, 08:58

Hi, I have the same, but I have not yet snapped any key yet. My locks are starting to stick and it's harder to open the door now.