1984 Mercedes-Benz W123 from North America


Fantastic I love it!!


Nothing, the best car ever built!!!

General Comments:

I can't get over the reliability and durability of these cars. It always starts right up and has never let me down. I think it's the perfect car for new drivers (not very fast and holds the road very well) very safe (I was rear ended by a Saturn and no damage, but some paint had to be scraped off, her front end damage and airbag needed to be repaired at a cost of more than twice my vehicles worth) Mercedes has made a loyalist out of me. THANK YOU.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2005

15th Apr 2012, 15:10

Is this car fast? It depends on how the engine torque is managed.

I bought this car used, and the prior owner was a retired machinist who knew how to get the most out of the motor. I couldn't believe how fast this car went! I was followed by a recent model Audi, and the guy couldn't catch up with me. I pulled into a Pilot gas station for fuel, and the Audi pulled in next to me. The driver was absolutely astonished as he walked up to stare with disbelief at my car. He didn't ask a thing, but I knew he found it very hard to believe his personal experience when my old Mercedes left him in the dust on the freeway. Ha! Old doesn't always mean doddering and slow!

I had the engine torque moderated down a bit to increase fuel efficiency, and I was not really keen on getting out of Dodge like a streak of lightening. The previous owner had reason for fast exits. He had family in NYC and Miami. It climbs hills like a rocket too. I was told to drive it like I stole it. So, sometimes I really DO!

1984 Mercedes-Benz W123 300D 5 cylinder turbo diesel from North America


Anyone who wants a great used car, get one of these!


Air conditioning didn't work when I bought the car. Had the air conditioner converted to R134 for $102. That's right, I have only about $200 invested in this car!

General Comments:

Bought this near show-room car for $100 from a friend of my mother. She and her late husband were the only owners, and always took the car to a Mercedes-Benz dealer for all maintenance and repairs. Her nieces and nephews were fighting over the car, so she sold it to me for the low price to keep it from them.

This car is nearly flawless! Yes, it's old fashioned. No, it's not a race car. I get more stares from people than I ever expected (not a bad thing for an overweight, single guy). The car is black with the camel leather interior. Very classy, looks like something you'd see at an embassy.

May change the rims to something a little shinier, but still Mercedes-Benz. Other than that, very happy!

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Review Date: 7th September, 2004

12th Aug 2005, 03:00

Yes, I also bought my 300D following a death, in my case a family friend. All maintenance records and the window sticker. These cars are totally indestructible and totally stylish and cool. Congratulations. I intend to keep mine forever, as I'm sure you do.

14th May 2006, 10:16

I purchased one of these cars last week. It needs some work, but really drives and rides great.

The turbo diesel is slow, but steady.

15th Dec 2009, 18:52

I also have this same car and am the original owner since 1984 when I bought it brand new in Los Angeles. It runs perfect up to now, and I drive it twice a week to the golf course.

My odometer reads 108,000+, and is temperamental because sometimes it runs and sometimes not. I think it needs a replacement or repair, but will not bother with it as long as I can still drive it around.

My air conditioner needs to be converted, but the heater runs excellent. Someday soon I will have to find a new owner for it, since I am too old to maintain it. All I do is change oil and filter every 6 months, and this car will live longer than me.