19th Aug 2003, 07:00

Thank you for the advice. I checked the trunk interior of my 1982 230E W123. It was virtually free of corrosion (I live in a very low rainfall area) but I could see the pathway where water might get in.

Just as a matter of interest, some @$#%# broke off my radio aerial. I went into the local dealers today and asked for a replacement mast for a 21 yr old car. He handed it over in two minutes and showed me how to fit it. It's not just the engineering that's good!

25th Oct 2003, 10:56

What a well written and thoughtful review from this young gentleman! Thank you for your input. I actually am on the search for an 87 SDL, as I understand it is one of the best cars ever built. I see an 85 300D advertised for $3000Cdn here in Toronto. It looks in excellent shape. I am at a loss to understand why anyone pays $30,000 for a new vehicle while there are plenty of these economical near mint Mercedes Diesels around for next to nothing.

You are going to go a long way, son.

Regards,...Roger Lamont, Toronto.

6th Sep 2004, 21:57

I am the proud owner of an 81 300d, it is an unbelievable piece of machinery looks fantastic (re-paint 5 yrs ago) and runs like a dream the problems however are, no a/c, cruise, and 2 windows which don't work! I don't mind forking out cash for repairs when you consider anything decent nowadays costs at least 30 grand. The car is metallic silver and when waxed up is a real head-turner, we have owned the car for 10 years and the "Beirut taxi" has 450,000km on her!

7th Mar 2005, 21:17

Hello. I hope this is an OK place to ask a question. I also am having leaking problems... but in the front windshield. When it rains, the water seems to drip down onto the emergency brake and also down the plastic on the same side as the emergency brake. I replaced the front windshield seal, but the problem hasn't changed. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be most grateful.


12th Dec 2005, 10:00

Re water leaks into interior, I have found that it is not always the front screen seal leaking, they are prone to rust where the battery tray meets the bulkhead, this rust to a small hole & the water drains from the screen straight inside the car.

30th Dec 2005, 08:09

Hi, I do not have a Turbo Diesel (yet) but I am very interested in getting one. The potential to have it run on bio-diesel is enticing. One hesitation I have is starting in a cold Minnesota (USA) climate. I am wondering if anyone out there has experience with a similar climate? I am interested in a 300 TD wagon. I understand you can plug them in when its below zero (F) overnight, but what if its parked in a lot for 8 hours while I’m at work? Starting problems? Last question: how does the rear wheel drive handle in snow?

19th Jan 2006, 17:22

I have an 83 turbo diesel and when it comes to starting in extremely cold weather after a long park, there are no problems as long as the coolant ratio is high. 60% or more should work fine. Also, there is a delay in the starter that prevents cranking too much and possibly running down the battery. When it is time to start the car turns over easily, but may be sluggish until all cylinders fire up. I leave the car to warm up and idle without my input after startup and it runs very well within a relatively short amount of time.

Consider also to run synthetic oil as it has far superior flow characteristics than conventional motor oil and is great at allowing the turbo and motor to function optimally.

As for snow driving, these cars are great! They track straight and true and because they are slow off the line wheelspin is non-existent with proper snow tires. This was one of many driving traits the w123 impressed me with. The standard fog lights have proven their worth as well.

These are great cars period!

14th May 2007, 06:05

My 1985 Mercedes 300TD wagon is the BEST car I have ever owned!! Currently at 414,000 miles and going strong. I have every intention of maintaining this car in its' present pristine condition right through to 1 million miles. Original engine, paint and interior and once rebuilt transmission. The car drives wonderfully, smooth acceleration, braking is excellent and you cannot beat the ride on long trips for the money. All this and it really looks good too - outstanding vehicle!

18th Jun 2007, 21:16

What is the cost of gas when the tank is empty>?


23rd Oct 2007, 12:04

Nice review and good comments. I happen to have 3 W123's. I don't drive them all as one can only drive one car at a time. But I like to keep them as these ones are in very good condition for their age (85 300D 98k, 84 300D 240k, 80 300TD 110k). Since I like to work on them I don't mind having them around. They do require a lot of TLC especially right after you get them b/c chances are that they may not have been well cared for. I've been lucky however since the issues with mine are the normal wear items. But some of the work can be fairly involved such as changing cv axles, drive shaft bearing and diagnosing vacuum problems.

If you are not a DIYer, be ready to dole out the $$$$.

21st Feb 2008, 02:07

Hi, just found this site by accident, but like to leave some comments: I have been driving the w123 series since 1995 and have not been happier! Mostly the 230e manual and automatic. they are the strongest and most well built cars on the road in the world!

Even today the spare parts and services are affordable due to (mostly) mechanical parts used when manufactured. I am driving my 11th one now as I get stopped on an almost daily basis by someone who wants to buy it! (I then DO sell them at a profit and buy a better or newer one!)

I had one immaculate 200, but unfortunately I found it too slow. Last January I bought a 1998 C250 Diesel, and did not know how fast to get rid of it! now I am back to a gold 230E automatic with air-con and sunroof in mint condition and won't sell this one if I don't have to! 344000 km and like new.

Thanks for reading this. Dirk pont - Johannesburg - South Africa.

18th Apr 2008, 14:04

Hi. My father has had a 1983 240D since the car was brand new. It currently has 217K and is running strong as ever. The other day I drove it since my car was with the mechanic and it brought back memories of my childhood, as corny as that sounds! But overall, what a fantastic car. My parents have a couple of newer Mercedeses but this 240D is by far the most reliable car they have ever owned. I really wish the newer Mercedeses had the same level of quality and reliability.

Although there is some rust around the wheel wells, the paint is in pretty good condition and the interior is immaculate. This engine is bulletproof. It just keeps on running and we have never had any problems with it. Overall, if these cars are maintained like a Mercedes should be, they will provide decades of happy motoring!