31st Dec 2011, 13:08

My dad bought a 300D Turbo in 1985.

My Grandma and Aunt from Greece came to visit him. When they arrived at the airport, there were news reports of flash flooding. After he picked them up from the airport, there was a pool of water in a tunnel. As the story goes.. He had to go straight through the pool of water to get to the other side. When he went through the water, he felt that the car had turned into a boat. The water was up to the hood ornament. No leaks inside the compartment. He doesn't know if this was the car or a miracle or both.

When my twin and I were born, that was the car that we were taken home in after leaving the hospital.

The other time was in 2005. I was in 5th grade. My mom, twin brother, and I were evacuating from Hurricane Rita. We were on the road for 27 hours stop and go traffic to go from Houston to Huntsville. The temperature outside was 105 and the engine was hotter. We ended up making it to Huntsville and meeting Dad there. I remember seeing other cars. Toyotas, Hondas, etc. on the side of the road, engines smoking from overheating. Popped head gaskets? I am now 110% sure that that car is what prevented us from being on the side of the road stranded.

I always liked our Mercedes. I love the clanking diesel engine. But I didn't appreciate the car much. The car almost became forgotten to us. Dust piled upon it.

I am now 17 years old, and just this year I was cleaning out the garage, and I had to back it out. The car started right up, even though we hadn't started it or driven it for months. The idle was smooth and it shifted into gear instantly. I decided to drive it around the block. I was impressed and decided to wash it. And wax. Etc.

Now after all those years, it protected my family and I. I felt that it was my job preserve it in return.