4th Jan 2008, 11:07

Hey it's me the original reviewer. I rolled my Benz when I got caught in a freak snow storm and driving with cruise on. Put it on its side after forcing a deliberate spin to avoid hitting a pole. Great car, thank God! Anyhow, I had it repaired and it looks nice again. So strong, safe and good looking I am still pleased to be drivng it. If you wish, buy one and it will show you why people don't throw out old wine for new wine.

18th Jun 2009, 12:26

Hi, I inherited a 1983 Mercedes 300 D about 3 yrs ago. It had about 150,000 miles, then now about 188,000.

I haven't been able to find a mechanic that can fix the heat/AC blower problem. It's murder to drive in the winter with no heat. I noticed in the previous emails it's a pretty common problem, but easy to fix. There are a few other small things, but for the most part, what can I do to? Fix this problem, or would you recommend selling this one?

19th Jun 2009, 17:39

Fix it! Go find some Mercedes blogsites, or get a Haynes manual. Be thankful these cars are still far more serviceable than newer ones. If you can read English and have some basic tools, you should be able to do almost any basic repair to the car.

8th Feb 2010, 11:12

Another maintenance issue, I found this thread by Googling the 300SD, anyway, how difficult is it to take the starter out?

I have a friend who owns a 1983 300SD and he thinks the starter is out becuase it doesn't roll the motor.

I saw someone say get a Haynes manual -- I'll check that out, too.

Thanks in Advance!!!

18th Mar 2010, 06:46

In 1983 I purchased my 3rd Benz, being a 300 CD/turbo coupe 5 cyl diesel, the finest car I have ever been fortunate to own. My cost in Canada was $43.000 plus tax.

Because of my age and not requiring 2 vehicles in 2009, I sadly sold this fine automobile. Total major expenses over 26 years $4,000.00, and that included a rear axle that gave out in 2008 from winter storage. This problem would be eliminated if you jack and block the car.

Never driven during the winter months, no signs of rust after 26 years and 2,00000 miles.

Engine failed once in starting; problem minor, 3 defective glow plugs, which I installed myself.

There is nothing I can fault re this vehicle. Just change oil and filter every 2000 miles, and you're a winner.

24th Mar 2010, 13:00

I just inherited my father's 1983 300D Turbo Diesel and have been having trouble removing the alternator. Any tips?

15th Apr 2010, 23:24

1980 W123 300TD Alternator has (had) a wire jumpered over the connector, arced and need to repair. Still starts, but need to repair/replace connector. Any reason why this "hot" wire was there? Thanks. Love this car...

Could this be a reason why the car starts intermittently?

20th Jun 2010, 15:09

I own a 1983 300D turbo diesel with 320,000 miles. It still looks great and drives beautifully.

I see a lot of diesels out there, and get lots of thumbs up like it's an exclusive club.

I feel safe in my car, and the MPG is great; somewhere between 35-40 MPG.

I get all OEM parts from partsgeek.com, and do most of the maintenance myself; it's fairly easy.

I am very lucky that everything works on my car, including the original radio and power antenna.

It's always been garage kept; that's probably what has helped it stay so nice. Don't leave your car exposed to the elements, and it will last a lot longer.

2nd Aug 2010, 12:01

I love my 1983 300 CDT. I'm still working on some minor repairs, like a leak on the driver's side that keeps me from putting the original floor mats down on that side.

Also, I had to replace the windshield, which was not difficult to find; on the other hand, finding the gasket for the windshield was a major issue. Being slightly seasoned in internet research, I was completely unable to find the right gasket anywhere on this continent! I had to have it shipped from an after market manufacture in West Germany. Mercedes no longer makes that gasket, and for obvious reasons you can't go to a salvage. But 6 weeks and $165 later I had my gasket! So, be extra careful with that windshield!

Mine has only 88,000 miles on it.

22nd Oct 2010, 17:07

I found a 1983 TD300 wagon for sale for $5500 with 150000 miles. Is that a good deal?

26th Nov 2010, 07:57

I am considering buying my first Mercedes. 1983 300CD turbo diesel. All reviews on this beauty seem very positive.

My only question, as the rig is in awesome shape and purrs like a kitty, what should I consider as an immediate expense in regards to the high miles on it (233k)? I am not afraid of the high miles, but would like some insight as to any major routine maintenance associated with the high miles.

Any observations would be appreciated.

6th Oct 2011, 23:38

The most important area to check is in the air filter housing. Piston ring blow-by along with turbo seal leakage will leave oily residue on the filter and in housing. Find one with little or no oil there and you have a good engine. Trans modulator and / or vacuum supply problems to it are common problems. Harsh up-shifts are the result.