1988 Mercedes-Benz W124 260E 2.6 straight-6 petrol from UK and Ireland


How modern cars should ride!


Rear brakes binding. Corrosion on jack points... that's all!

General Comments:

Wonderfully smooth ride - puts modern European cars to shame! This car copes with the UK's terrible roads! Relaxing, serene... a really nice place to be.

Easy to drive and manoeuvre :)

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Review Date: 15th May, 2017

1988 Mercedes-Benz W124 300D turbo diesel from Turkey


A german tank with an F-16 engine


Usual oil changes.

Nothing has gone wrong.


General Comments:

A beautiful car with superb performance. I would recommend it.

My car has the E2 pack electric front seat seats and air operated rear head rests.

Everything is working in the car, no problem whatsoever.

My car has the 603.960 engine with 148 HP. Excellent gearbox; changes gears like a dream.

The best part of owning a MERCEDES W124 300 TURBO DIESEL is that everyone sitting in it was shocked at the comfort of the seats and the superb performance. I have had a W124 2.5 diesel and a W201 2.5 diesel, but the W124 300D TURBO is another world. Anyone reading this who wants to buy a 300D TURBO, do it today! It's something everyone has to do once in a lifetime! You won't regret it.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2013

1988 Mercedes-Benz W124 260E 2.6 unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


Stylish cruiser, but needs a bit more oomph


When I bought my 260E, I had to have an inspection done so it could be registered in my state (ACT). Due to a combination of my ignorance and a sly dealer, I had to pay $1600 AUD to fix a leaking transmission and diff, replacement of all rear bushes and to fix too much play in the steering.

It also has a very slow spot, if cold, when taking off. I know the W124 takes off in 2nd (1st if given some wellie) but if the car is cold, it is REALLY slow. I'll get this seen to in the near future. When I get my next W124, I'll be a lot more careful!!

Since then, all that's gone wrong is a bit of trim fell off the door, and a light bulb has gone out on the console.

General Comments:

My adventure with the W124 began with an online classified from a dealer, which hooked me; a metallic grey 1988 260E. I flew from Canberra to Melbourne to buy it, and then drove it 12 hours almost non stop home.

I really enjoy my Merc. Considering it's 22 years old, and has almost a third of a million kms on the clock, its smooth drivetrain never ceases to amaze me, and it still looks modern and solid compared to some of today’s cars. It’s not a sports car and doesn’t get driven like one, however, on the highway, once it’s hit 100km/h, it’s in cruise mode and will sit on three figures all day. It also has just about the right amount of gadgets.

Forget the later models, the W124 is the way to go.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2010

30th Aug 2010, 02:16

Update; well the console light came back of its own accord. Bizarre. The car has developed a bit of smoking. Sometimes it doesn't at all, and then other times, like when sitting at traffic lights, it smokes quite a lot. Seems to be burning oil. Will get it looked at very soon.

1988 Mercedes-Benz W124 200D 2.0 diesel from Poland


Over-engineered beauty


Basically I had to change few bits and pieces inside the car like light bulbs, repair the drivers seat (common thing) and most recently I've done some tin-smithing job with lever opening under the door sill, and finally changed some fuel pipes, which have gone after 21 year of constant usage.

General Comments:

Well, like someone said, this car is over-engineered.

It was my dream to get MB W124, and this year it finally happened. I don't care that it is 21 years old because it's well built, better than many modern vehicles.

It handles very well, and although it lacks some power (2.0 D, 75 PS) - I can feel like I'm sailing in a solid beautiful boat.

Oh well, for me it's enough to drive her at max 100km/h on Polish roads, more is not advised at all anyway :).

I can recommend this car to people who do care about aesthetics and pragmatics in their life.

The last real MB as my mechanic says about her.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2009

29th Mar 2015, 01:50

I have one from 88 with 2.500.000 and some more km, an ex taxi, and nothing to complain about. The most economic car ever.

I also agree with your opinion, and have a similar story to you, always wanted to have one. I have an Audi TDI (great machine), and I still prefer my 2 million km old Merc. It still runs every day.

Regards from Portugal.