9th Apr 2016, 17:43

I have a 300D (3 litre) Turbo, which I bought 4 years ago as a 185,000km non-runner (glow plugs were shot), with zero rust - knowing these are mechanically absolutely bullet proof.

Working on high performance cars as part of my business, I know what truly high quality is. Being a family with 2 young children, I wanted a car that would be safe for the daily school run, or a 700km trip in comfort to see my inlaws whilst being safe in the event of an accident. All in a car I could improve and maintain. And 4 years later now, having covered 261,000km I've restored & improved it extensively as & when time allowed whilst it's been a daily workhorse. It now has full E500 bodywork, Evo II wheels, full E500 interior including heated seats and birdseye wood, Bilstein, H&R & E500 rear anti roll-bar + E320 coupe front arb, full E500 brakes, fully concealed 3200W sound system and more...

Despite being 24 years old, it drives faultlessly. It's needed maintenance, mostly to compensate for having been poorly maintained by its previous owner. It's plenty powerful enough whilst being capable of cruising at 130km/h for 700km without stopping for fuel. Brakes and suspension with modern tyres make this an excellent handling car with great ride too. Doesn't feel at all dated to drive, always a pleasure.

I expect to be driving this for as long as I live. Even if I live another 40 years, it feels so solid & unbreakable, I feel confident it'll easily outlast me. Indeed they're the best cars ever built.


12th Apr 2016, 17:43

I have a W124 E320 Coupe and it's 22 years old and I do not think it will ever wear out. It's sublime to drive, especially at night on empty main roads at 35-45 mph; it does everything you want it to do.