W124 E300 Diesel 3.0 diesel

The car that will take you to the moon and back

156 words, Australia and New Zealand, 5 comments

W124 E420 4.2L V8 DOHC

The W124 e420 is 90% perfection

292 words, North America

W124 Pillarless Coupe 3.2 petrol

Lovely upmarket car, that can only appreciate in money as they get more rare

184 words, UK and Ireland

W124 E36 AMG Cabriolet 3.6 Straight Six

I plan to keep this car forever. ;~}

205 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

W124 E320 3.2 in-line six petrol

A classic with the heart and look of a German tank

16 words, Taiwan

W124 E220 Cabriolet 2.2 petrol

Convertibles don't come any better than this

84 words, Australia and New Zealand, 7 comments

W124 E 200 2.0

Legendary reliability and prestige at an affordable level

240 words, Germany

W124 E36 AMG Saloon 3.6

A rare and good looking Mercedes Benz

101 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

W124 E320 Coupe 3.2 petrol

A stylish long distance express

134 words, UK and Ireland