13th Oct 2013, 04:04

Year later and I have now extended the mileage on my 300d to 273 000 kilometres.

Just a regular servicing, and every six months it gets new warrant of fitness without any issues.

Inspection guys are amazed at the condition of my Mercedes.

And after 15 000 kilometres between the services, it does not use any oil.

When it comes to the new service, the oil is still at the maximum mark level.

Well this is now an 18 year old premium machine, and after all this time it does not burn oil.

In fact it is still powerful, and on the motorway is an absolute German powerhouse.

If I wanted, it would push all the way to 200 km per hour.

Mixed city and motorway driving, and I am getting around 750-800 kilometres per tank of diesel without waiting for the amber light to come on.

Which means I could probably get up to 900 kilometres for mixed city-motorway commute.

It runs on fully synthetic Mobil1 0w-40 and drinks Ultimate diesel from BP.

I have spend 3500$ and replaced dreaded evaporator with nice brand new one, and it is nice and cool now.

All done by a Mercedes specialist workshop.

Not sorry to spend this kind of money on a special interest vehicle like this legendary W124 E 300.

21st Dec 2015, 09:14

Two years later and I have extended the mileage now to 295 000 km.

I have spent some good money now as my head gasket had slight a external leak. Replaced with a new head gasket, skimmed the head, new valves, new wiring loom, new radiator and new air compressor kit. A few other bits of pieces that mechanics found, and to top it all off, brand new Michellin tyres.

Well this is now 20 a year old car and it's still not using any oil between services. How can that be?

That is why I spent the money to fix what needed and I will not be selling it either. So it seems you do get sometimes what you pay for. Mercedes are not cheap to buy, but you do get your money's worth.

21st Jan 2016, 23:03

I owned a 300D 1995 model for many years. Found it in junk yard, it had sat over 2 years. Best car I ever had. Ran like a clock, had 180k km when got it. Over 5 years I did 90,000km. Made out of steel, the last of real Benz. It went on goat dirt tracks, highways/freeways, and in traffic.

Did change the oil every 5000km or 3 months, which did help a lot. Recommend that for all diesel engines.

Never left me on the road.