30th Mar 2008, 15:05

Beleive or not, new 2007/08 sl 65 amg wheels and tyres are perfectly matching with this car, and new amg brakes upgrade kit also, discs without any problems, only calipers needs a little changing. Only a question of rationality remains.

14th Sep 2008, 15:56

Imported a 92 500E into Canada from Detroit this summer. Awesome car! Really can't understand why they don't maintain their value.

Mine is Anthracite on Grey with grey leather interior. 106000 miles.

Replaced a head gasket and that was a nightmare for parts and service. After spending about 4500$ to import and repairs I am enjoying the ride. Does anyone have any idea what this car is really worth. I have seen posting from 6000$ to 48000$

17th Sep 2008, 06:09


Value of the car depends very much on service history and condition, and to a lesser extent on overall mileage. A well-maintained, original car is worth more than a lower-mileage car in poor condition. Take an expert with you, as there is no such thing as a 'cheap' 500E. Parts and labor costs can get really high, really fast!

As regards modifying the car, (see earlier posts), don't! You'll reduce the value of the car, and probably it's driveability, and may have insurance problems in the event of an accident. If you're determined to, it may be helpful to remember that the SL coupé series was based on the W124 not - as many people think - the S class. So in theory you could drop in a V12 from the SL - ultimate upgrade?

31st Oct 2008, 19:27

King of the hill here. I have a 1992 two tone smoke and gray. It has 180,000 miles I added a 100 bhp 125 ft lbs of torque NOX system. I had the limit slip device switchable so I can spin some tires when needed. All is controlled from a little panel left of the steering wheel.

Now for the fun. 105 mph and 13.8 in the quarter. But more fun is the right (slower) Porsche or Ferrari on the highway. With NOX 80-100 is around 2.5 seconds. Remember I am cranking over 425 bhp. How would you like your $100,000 toy left behind by a 16 year old 300E look alike.

I snagged an E55 at around 70 and was 3 car lengths ahead at 130 mph.

At 42.00 per bottle it is a bit expensive but incredible fun. I had the luck to drive for 1/2 hour at around 135 mph and was stunned at how easy everything was. What is so amazing is how tight a curve the 500 will take at that speed.

Yes, I am a hot rodder and have been since age 17. I always build what I call "sleeper" cars. Extremely fast cars that are mundane.

20th Nov 2008, 14:30

Sounds like I am about to buy a 500E! All the comments sound like the bottom of the market is around the corner and they shall climb well after that in value... how many factory rods out there in this era you can enjoy? The nox sounds like sheer fun.

17th Mar 2009, 02:55

Great comments! I am picking up a late 92 500E today. I have been researching and looking for the right car in the right condition for ages. So finally found a beautiful 500E In totally original condition, with 3 previous owners, full Merc service book, with stamps every 6,000 miles. I live in Marbella Spain and am flying to UK today to pick it up and drive it through Europe... I cannot wait to enjoy this car on the long fast autopista's in Spain (Night time driving!)

I will add another comment after my trip back to Spain to let you know of any issues and the experience and pleasure of driving this amazing limited editon machine over 2000kms...


26th Mar 2010, 18:16

I have owned 3 500e, a 92 pearl black, 93 smoke silver, and the one I own now is a 92 silver... I LOVE THESE CARS!!!

There's newer stuff out there, but I love the 500E. I never really had any major issues with any of them.

The ultimate sleeper car, a joy to drive.

I wrote MB Canada for import #s, and from what I can remember, Canada got 72 units in 1992, 47 in 93,and 17 for 94.


27th Apr 2012, 09:45

Just purchased a 1993 500E (55,000 miles) and drove it from New England to Dallas Tx.

The car performed flawlessly. Had the MB dealer in Dallas inspect it when I arrived to check out a "whining noise ". Their diagnosis was a noisy fuel pump, which they said was common on these cars. No guarantee that a replacement would eliminate it.

Any thoughts from other owners?

markrutter@ group360.com

5th Jun 2012, 04:22

Hello there.

I think your dealer told you a true fact about your fuel pump.

I've owned the most beautiful E500 limited for now 4 years, and I can easily hear the fuel pump. I think it is made that way.

Many greetings and congratulations on one of the most elegant sports sedans ever made.

In Denmark there is an Internet club for the W124 model. www.124forum.dk

The language is of course danish, but if you use Google Translate, you can find many answers if you have troubles with your car.

You can find pictures of my car there of you search the user "chn"

Best regards, Christian Holm Nielsen