1991 Mercury Capri XR2 1.6L 4 cylinder turbo from North America


This car is a pocket rocket for the price and size!


Radiator has developed leaks.

Seats have worn badly.

Replaced front struts at 89,000.

Top is torn in numerous places, needs replaced.

Axles have been replaced at 85,000.

General Comments:

This car is great! I have so much fun with it. AC has never been charged that I know of, but still blows cold.

I drive a LOT for work and have found this car to be extremely reliable even when the radiator is going bad. Has never left me stranded.

I love how this car zips down the highway with little effort. With the top down it is a head turner.

It rattle a great deal at low idle, but I can over look it :D.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2005

1991 Mercury Capri 1.6L from North America


This car will lull you into a state of pure driving exhilaration


This car had a spark plug blow out, which had to be repaired and replaced.

The drivers side window motor had to be replaced.

Finally had to replace soft top in 2004, due to minor tears in usual place above back seat.

Window/Mirror switches have a tendency to get dirty, but are easily cleaned.

Glove box handle easily broken, but repair kits are available.

Carpet stained due to the many spills from lack of any easily accessible cup holder.

Seats have an habit of wearing badly in certain areas.

General Comments:

The non-turbo models are a blast to drive, the turbo models are 10X the fun with better brakes and rear sway bar additions.

These cars are meant for the driving, only the driving, and nothing, but the driving, so help me! It's a great thing that once you get behind the wheel, driving is all you want to do!

It's amazing that they could pack so much exhilaration into such a small car. I now own four of these fantastic little vehicles.

Although uncomfortable for anyone tall or big, and not very ergonomical (no good place for drink, hard to reach ashtray) all of the bad things about these vehicles are far outweighed by the pure enjoyment of driving them!

I've driven these cars with mileage varying between 20k and 140k miles, and with just general upkeep and regular oil changes, they all drove and ran strong.

I know someone that just reached 200K in his Capri, and it's still going like a champ.

Never once did one of these cars fail to start for me (with the occasional jump start after leaving the lights on). Very reliable!

Overall, one of the funnest, most inexpensive cars a person could be fortunate enough to drive!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2005

1991 Mercury Capri 1.6 DOHC from North America


A fun little car, that looks good and handles great


Have had some electrical issues. Mazda engine parts are not cheap.

General Comments:

Car handles and drives great. A little cramped for a 6 footer, but fun to drive and handles the road like its got Velcro tires. Corners great and handles bad weather including snow like a dream.

Overall a fun little car for short money that handles well and is good on gas.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2005

1991 Mercury Capri XR2 1.6 turbo from North America


A very fun toy


Overhead lights on the hard top do not work and the seats are torn.

General Comments:

The car seems to be a very good runner. It is fun to drive and really has some kick. I am 6'2" so the cockpit is a little small, but I still have more room than many other cars. It has a hardtop and if anyone could give me instructions on how to remove it I would appreciate the help very much. I would recommend this car for a toy.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2004

12th Feb 2005, 23:57

Its pretty simple, you need an allen wrench (or key),i can't remember what size. there are 5 bolts, 3 in back 2 in front. The 2 in front are located above the corner of the windshield (one bolt on each side). Be sure to take the larger size bolt out. I think there are 3 bolts on each side, 2 are smaller. The 3 in the back are on the inside in front of the back window. There 1 bolt in the middle, and one in each corner.Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you

14th Jun 2005, 00:44

I too have one of these cars, very fun. Its rather obvious, you need to unlatch the two front latches first (located near the windshield). The not so obvious part, down next to the driver seat there is a button, you put the key in the key hole thing and then pull the button that isn't the one for the seat. You push the top backwards and pull the bottom of the top up over the top. The thing that the back of the top was on, pull that up, drop the top into the opening created there and put the back ontop, there the top is down. Good luck.