15th May 2001, 08:44

I have a 91 XR2 I bought about a month ago when my 2000 Expedition was stolen and I needed transportation. I figured when the insurance company pays off my truck, GREAT, I still have a little convertible to play with.

The car is solid, runs good with one exception, I CAN'T DRIVE THE THING 5 MILES WITHOUT IT OVERHEATING! I took it to my local mechanic who told me it will cost $700 to fix, radiator, some hoses, etc. Considering I paid $1500 for the car from a local used car dealer here in Vegas, I guess for another $700 I will still have a fun little convertible to drive!

26th May 2001, 23:01

Hey out there! I just bought my girl a Capri XR2, and everybody wanted to drive it. She loves it. It's fast, crafty, and highly maneuverable on the road. As I read these comments, I realize what is wrong with it (temporarily it was over heating all of a sudden, and I get that the radiator 'lets you down' here and then). That is probably what's up with mine. If yours starts overheating, maybe that's it. 5 out of 10 people had to fix theirs. But what a ride!!

8th Jul 2001, 16:29

I've had my Dec '90 Mercury Capri for 7 months now and love it. I wouldn't have bought it if I had read the reviews first but so far the car has been trouble-free pleasure. Can anyone tell me where I can get parts if anything does go wrong? My email is: w_higginson@hotmail.com.

23rd Jul 2001, 20:46

I just bought a 91 XR2 5 speed Turbo and hard top, 84000 miles. It was love at first sight. It's a joy to drive and great to look at.

16th Sep 2001, 14:04

One problem with my car, I was driving on a freeway and the damn hood flew off. Now I can't seem to find a place that sells a hood. My original hood got flattened and torn up. So if anybody can help, it would be appreciated.

26th Sep 2001, 09:34

91 Capri

5 speed manual


All items work except the clock, where can I get a replacement?

I purchased a used XR2 in August of this year. On the test drive the clutch was slipping. But since I was doing a wholesale deal the cost was way low. I have been looking for a "toy" car for several years but nothing seemed to catch my eye. Had the clutch job done, cost was 400.00. But then found it needed many more items.

Top replaced, cost 200.00

New water pump, 350.00

New radiator 125.00

The car overheated or at least the gauge says so. So I thought that replacing the water pump would solve the issue, which it failed to do. Next I purchased the radiator, but after speaking to the dealer they felt that the problem was the gauge. Replaced the gauge and fixed the air for about 200.00. I then went on replace the radiator since I had already purchased it.

Car is fast, few modification, it goes like crazy. Getting the top down was an adventure, but figured it out finally.

I will be keeping this car for many years, I drive it just for fun, but that has been every day now. Is there a car club for these? If so can anyone give me some contact information, I have to join. jbond_13@hotmail.com

3rd Jun 2002, 00:30

I bought my 91' Capri XR2 for 200 Bucks at an auction! all it needed was a new turbo. I tell you it was the easiest thing to install. I'm telling you the first time I was crusin' at 45 mph with the top down, and slammed the short throw in to second gear, I was beside myself with the kick in power, and with the sweet whine of the engine.


23rd Nov 2002, 22:19

I have a 1991 Capri, and I hate it. The lights will not come up anymore, and the windows will not roll up either. It's slow, and can barely fit one person in the back. I can't stand this car, never buy one.

22nd Dec 2002, 19:48

Has anyone had problems with the alternator "eating" belts? Ours needed a new alt. I found it at Auto Zone for $140.00, no problem, except it has chewed up 3 belts. Other than that my kids love it!

12th Feb 2003, 13:32

The light lifter motors can be easily taken apart and cleaned. Simple tools are all you need. Inside clean the metal plate contact area with fine sandpaper and maybe WD-40 or other cleaner. It took me about an hour to get them both out and cleaned up. Well maybe two hours total. The dealer wanted to sell me new motors for $350 each. Now they pop right up... better than viagra. Good luck...Vic.

3rd Jun 2003, 19:15

I have got a 1991 Mercury Capri XR2 turbo convertible candy apple red, and it got vandalized by some kids, but everything still works and it still runs, the wiring is in perfect condition it has never heated up on me and I have never had a problem with the radiator at all, in fact I never had a problem with the car until it got vandalized, but I got to sell it now and I don't really want to cause I love the car it is very fast, and good on gas it is also a 5 speed, if you guys know anybody who wants to, but it make me an offer any offer is considered. you can contact me at mt e-mail address at lanny3333@aol.com thank you!

20th Aug 2003, 21:59

I have a 91 Mercury Capri with an export title only. got around that and am able to drive the car. Love the little beast.

Good for street racing.

You can put 15" rims as long as you run 195/50/15s.

But recently have had a major overheating prob. Have tried everything from 4 thermostats, pump, and radiator. Can't fix. Now for sale, with parts car w/running motor. mine has 5spd, parts car has auto. A/C is Great, but car runs 2 hot for it.

Going to sell now if interested, my email is jacobmoseley@yahoo.com.

21st Apr 2005, 23:09

Hey I have recently bought a 91 Capri XR2 Turbo. I've had it for 2 weeks now.

My current mods are 17" Konig rims, manual boost controller, ECU upgrade, full out 2.5 inch exhaust (2.5 inch down pipe), cold air intake, and the TurboXS RFL BOV.

Let me just say one thing... HOLY CRAP, this car FREAKING SCREAMS!!! I am pushing 15 psi right now, and it is so insanely fast over stock, it's incredible! I need a Centerforce dual friction clutch, but I'm kinda broke with all the mods I have put into it.

It has 60k on it, and it's cherry apple red. I have the Magnaflow super turbo muffler on it, I would definitely recommend it! NOT RICEY AT ALL... Very very very very deep tone for a 4 banger... and when that boost kicks in... wow... I am so pleased with the car.

Everyone is complaining about these little problems with the car, big deal... the oil gauge isn't accurate, buy a new one... temp gauge is inaccurate, buy a new one. I have 3 gauges on my pillar... Boost, temp, and oil... the car looks so sweet!

If anyone has any questions for me, I can be emailed @ 1hott351@sbcglobal.net.


25th Aug 2007, 11:13

I have a 91 XR2, my wife has had the car since it was new it has 175,000 miles on it now. The car sat in my garage for 2 years while I was out of state. It has been two weeks of driving and I have a problem with the temp. If I go over 70 it starts to over heat. I have never let it overheat, but, the gauge does get to the very top of the white area if I don’t slow down to 65 or so. The thermostat was bad so I replaced it, then the water pump start leaking so I replaced it, then I put in a new radiator. None of these had any impact on the temp of the car at high speeds. Does anyone have any ideas?

31st Dec 2007, 22:20

Try cleaning the engine grounds. My guess is that its not overheating. Capris are notorious for reading high on temperature and low on oil pressure. When I stop at a light my oil pressure tanks, if this was any other car I would go into full panic mode, but it's a Capri and they do that. If the engine sounds good and shows no signs of distress I'd bet on the gauge.

10th Dec 2014, 01:45

Roo-sport.com should have one or Capribiz might.

3rd Dec 2015, 21:52

I just got the same car and I already love it. It looks good and is very fast for what it is. I'd like to know about the turbo RFL BOV? What is it and how much? What company makes the ECU upgrade and the boost controller, and once again, how much?

I'm doing the whole car, so any info will help as performance parts seem to be rare. Thanks for any help you can give, these cars are just cool!