14th Nov 2003, 19:14

I would just like say that I have a 1993 capri convertible.

I do not know what the top speed is because I have not really had the opportunity to open it up, but I will say this. The car is super fast. It has a 4 cylinder turbo powered engine, and I have had it at 110 MPH with still much much more power. If you are having trouble with acceleration, then you need to have it checked out. Of course, you probably have the non turbo model, but still your car should have no trouble accelerating past 65 MPH.

As far as my brakes are concerned I had them replaced over a year ago and they are still doing fine. It is a beautiful little car, and I know that I am going to have it for a long time.

22nd Apr 2004, 19:40

I have a 1993 Capri turbo, it's 10 years old. Still great acceleration.

14th Jun 2007, 10:38

I have a 1993 Mercury Capri. 1.6 non-turbo. I came to a stop the other day and when I started to drive off... turning left, the vehicle just died. I thought perhaps the timing belt had let go. Not the case. Towed it home. The engine turns over normally when attempting to start, but after checking for spark...NONE! I replaced the coil...twice...still no spark. Checked all ground wires... all are grounded well. Any help from anyone out there in troubleshooting this problem would be truly appreciated. My other vehicle is a 3/4 ton Chevy and it gets 8 mpg...help!

26th Mar 2008, 14:48

I am pondering on buying a "93 Capri Convertible. 125,000 miles. No rust. Any opinions?

19th Jan 2011, 12:44

I have a 93 Mercury Capri and I think the bypass air value is not working because it will not idle. The problem is that nobody knows what a bypass air valve is called except the Mercury repair book I got (calls it BPA). What other name would it be called so I can find this part?

19th Jan 2011, 16:59


Mercury Capri Idle Air Control Bypass Air Valve unit is also referred to as the following acronyms: Capri IAC, Capri BPA, and/or Capri IACV.

27th May 2011, 22:03

Very interesting. I put my 93 Capri Convertible in the garage about a month ago running fine, and last week could not get it to start. Replaced the coil, but experiencing the same problem - no juice at the end towards the distributor. I looked at numerous eBay locations for the sensors you mentioned, but could not locate any. Can you advise where you got the camshaft, crankshaft and throttle sensors from? I love this little car, but am slowly getting frustrated. I can't even find where the crankshaft sensor is located on the car. Can anyone help? Would really appreciate the help.

Ric Rachal.

22nd Jan 2012, 18:09

This BPA valve can cause the problem you have, however it is extremely expensive to find and replace. The IAC and BPA work together. The BPA will primarily only kick in for cold idle or warm when the AC is switched on. If you have no idle cold, check the IAC valve first. There is a way to check the BPA; it involves bypassing the circuit to activate the solenoid. This will raise or lower the idle. If you cannot idle at all, then also check TPS and all vacuum hoses, tubes, PCV, EGR for leaks.

21st Jul 2012, 15:59

Check the stator inside the distributor. From what I hear, this is the main no spark problem.