1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator (Clone) 351W - GT40 Heads from North America


Crazy as hell, when America knew how to build cars


In the last ten years I have different heads, exhaust, intakes, and carbs on her, and she's crazy as hell. She'll hurt yah when you mash the pedal to the floor boards.

She has run well for most of the ten years, a few oil leaks and a blown radiator now and then. Nothing that has been hard to replace and seal up tight.

General Comments:

Generally, there's nothing like driving an old American Built Muscle car down a country road. The sound of the motor and pull of the torque. Every trip is a little piece of heaven.

A guy at work owns a 350Z (Twin Turbine) and a friend of mine has a NOS equipped Focus with a 10K engine. These cars are quick, but just not the same pull as the feeling that an old muscle car gives you. Even at idle, my Cougar shakes and rumbles just awaiting for me to leave long thick rubber marks down at the turn of a green light.

I could type an entire blog on this car of mine, and will never sell her. In my book, there is no comparison.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2007

18th Nov 2008, 04:37

Old school is the way.

And funny that the old Windsor has ended up as the best V-8 of the whole lot. People still build them up today and they are competitive. Much as I like FEs and 385 series, the 351 Windsor was the best.

New cars are faster, and better, but...

They feel homogenized and bland, and the feel, sound, and ease of repair... is gone, with a few exceptions like the SVTs...

Enjoy that 69, a great year. Sadly, no one collects the Mercs, so keep her safe and well so you can pass it on one day. Last of a breed.