1991 Mercury Cougar LS 3.8 Liter from North America


Very respectable for what the vehicle is, comfortable and somewhat powerful with a 6 Cylinder


Well first of all let me state that I was given this car when my friends mother was willed another newer car so this was a used and abused car when I got it... OK now onto what has gone wrong...

The first thing I noticed was that the odometer was broken when I got the vehicle... It was stuck broken at 174000 miles. That is why no beginning or current miles are shown. The suspension is worn and the struts are bad. The head gaskets were replaced a few years ago and that seems to have been an issue across these vehicles. A good friend of mine actually did the upper-half that's why I decided to take it with as many miles as it had. I have a crack in the dashboard some rust holes in the kick panels and I need to have a tie rod end done. The roof and hood and some other small pieces need to be repainted which considering the age of the car will probably be done with some spray paint. (Hey it's a to work vehicle) The trunk also leaks a little bit. But what do you really want from a 91 with probably 200-220 thousand miles on it.

General Comments:

Honestly I have had this car for about 2 months now and I was given it so I really have nothing to complain about. I have been pleasantly surprised about everything with this car. I like its acceleration for a 6cyl, I think it handles well for the time that is on it and it really seems to be comfortable. Even with fading paint, missing some lamp lenses and interior parts missing. I actually have had people compliment me on the car and say it is nice. When I got the vehicle I intended it to be a work vehicle and that is all it will end up being with the mileage, but I must say I really like the car and I am pretty impressed with its durability and its comfort level. I have put about $350 into the car in the guise of a lower water hose, an upper left control arm, an inspection two tires and as of now I have not had any problems with it. By the way the high miles are due to the previous owner driving back and forth from NY to southern Virgina so the miles are due to highway driving.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2006

1991 Mercury Cougar LS 3.8L V6 from North America


Good car until mileage, weather took their toll...


Air Conditioning failed around 70,000 miles.

Both front and rear brakes have been replaced (rotors and pads) more than once.

Front coil springs at 93,000.

Headlight switch wiring harness malfunctioned causing headlights to blink after 15 minutes of use at around 100,000.

And of course the big one, head gasket went a few months ago at about 102,000.

Rear body mounts have rusted through at 104,000.

Rear coil springs at 104,000.

Rear wheel bearing at 104,000.

General Comments:

First off, this car was my Grandmother's (she got it new) and was passed down to me when I was in college at about 65,000 miles. She didn't drive it a lot in the 8 years she had it and never had any problems. Regular service only and some new tires.

I didn't drive the car much for the first two years I had it. I was at college and only drove it in the summer and the occasional weekend when I came home to visit. With that being said, most of the 40,000 miles I have put on it have been in the past two to three years.

Aside from the AC failing, most problems did not begin until after 80,000 miles. The brakes have been repaired several times in the past three years and just don't seem to last. I do most of my driving in the city (Pittsburgh), so that probably doesn't help. Usually my annual inspection revealed one or two $100-$150 repairs each years during these last few years. I don't feel that this is too outrageous as I park on the street and the car has been exposed to Pittsburgh winter weather for almost five years now. It's bound to take a toll on the car.

Finally, the 3.8 V6 is a sweet engine performance wise, but the head gaskets will go eventually. Mine lasted until about 102,000 and from what I've heard, that's not too bad. The repair, along with a few other minor engine repairs cost me $900.

Despite the frustration over the past year (probably $1500 worth of repairs, with at least $500 more that need to be done now), I really loved this car. When everything was in proper condition, it had a smooth ride and great power for its class. It was comfortable and for the most part reliable until the past year or so when it became an almost constant problem, most likely due to weather and mileage deterioration.

In closing, I am shopping for a new car as I have realized that it's time for the Cougar to move on to the great junkyard in the sky.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004

8th Nov 2005, 17:25

My 91' Cougar LS has had most of the same problems (head gasket, brakes, and now struts) at 89K. Over all, I love this car! I've done all the work on it myself, which saves A lot on the bills. To date I have only spent about $400 in repairs in the last two years. (about $1000 less than I spent on my 76' Chevy Luv this year alone!)

Good power, smooth ride, power everything... Yeah, I'm happy.

24th Apr 2011, 17:14

I can at least help with the A/C if you get the car running again::

Get a retrofit kit (about $50-75). You can have the mech do it or DIY. Contrary to what you hear, R-134A, as long as with PAG oil (not mineral) should work fine.