1999 Mercury Cougar V6 from North America


Great styling, handling, and hauling ability, but question reliability


Starter at 15,000 miles. Replaced by Ford.

Driver's Power Seat: Continues to blow fuses.

Air Conditioner stopped cooling: 50,000 miles.

Sun Roof won't close: 83,000 miles.

Transmission only shifts in reverse: 85,000 miles.

Low-profile tires routinely pick up nails and had to be replaced twice after hitting boards on the road. Not many vendors make the size tire used on the Cougar. Price is $125 per tire.

General Comments:

I loved this car. It handles great, and with the hatchback, it hauled almost everything I ever needed to carry. While I accepted all of the previous repairs I needed to make, I'm frustrated that the transmission went out at 85k miles. I always said "Buy American", but with a $3k repair bill facing me, I have to reconsider this in the future.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2006

20th Dec 2006, 20:07

Hi there..

If you could help me with my problem, I will be really happy.

I need a brand new console, because mine is broken..

I live in Victoria BC, and I couldn't find one here.

Do you have any idea where to get a brand new interior parts for a Cougar?

Please email me at: burakkaplan_2@hotmail.com

Thank you :)

1999 Mercury Cougar V6 Coupe from North America


He's my little baby


I constantly have the engine light coming on. Every time I take the car to the shop, they always say it's the O2 Sensors. Today, I went to crank my car, and would not start. The power was fine, but trying to crank the car caused nothing, not even any clicking sounds.

General Comments:

The car has been perfect for the last 6 years I've had it. I've taken it on many trips and it's done well every time. The gas mileage is decent. I can't really complain about my car. I love it!

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Review Date: 12th October, 2006

1999 Mercury Cougar V6 from North America


This car stinks


Tires lose air.

O2 sensors went bad at 40,000 miles.


Wheel bearings bad.

Switch broke resulting in the car not being able to move out of park.

Alternator and battery.

Upper intake manifold gaskets.

Body behind front wheels paint pealed after only 1 year.

Check engine light ALWAYS on.

Can't unlock door from driver side.

Seals from window leaks.

Radio buttons don't work right.

Loses power when going through puddles of water.

Tires wear out quickly.

General Comments:

When this car came out I LOVED it, I had to have it. Now that I do I have to say I'm really sorry!

I will NEVER buy another Ford product again!

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Review Date: 5th September, 2006

1999 Mercury Cougar 2.5 from North America


I wish I would have sold it long ago, as I would not recommend anyone buying this car not dependable


Oh my God! I do not know where to start? So many problems with this car, it used to be every 3 months now its once a week and I might add very costly repairs. My mechanic now calls me to ask what day of the week will I be by? I once started questioning his ability. Because these are not a one time problem they are on going.

I've listed below a few, but I assure you I have left something out.

Electrical problems, wiring, recalls, tires, brakes, alternator, starter, check engine light, blower sensors, brake lights, idiot lights are on all over the dash, transmission, trunk latch, carpet is peeling from the floor and no one really sits there, battery, and oh yeah, don't get me started on the cup holder one turn and you're wearing it.

General Comments:

I've been stranded so many times, The car just stops running for no apparent reason, it will not start and now I'm once again stranded on a holiday weekend. Can't take this car on any trips. Don't even want to take it to the store down the street anymore.

The car is beautiful that's why I bought it or well one of the reasons. But once I get it starting again this car is gone bye bye and without me behind it this time. I wish I would have never purchased this car. In all the repairs I could have been driving a BMW or something.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2006

30th Dec 2006, 17:05

I bought a 1999 2L Ford Cougar and it's a fantastic car with none of the problems this person had!

1st Mar 2009, 05:38

I have a 10 year Cougar now and I'm totally satisfied with this car. I've also had none of these problems. I can also solve one of yours: don't drink coffee in the car! There are plenty of other, more comfortable places to do this.

12th Feb 2011, 21:47

Has Ford ever built a good car? It seems to me that Ford or FIX OR REPAIR DAILY, FOUND ON ROAD DEAD has had a lot of problems over the years, so why not another one.

5th Apr 2014, 21:32

Has Ford ever built a good car?

Fords I've owned:

1977 Pinto. 4 years ownership. Less than $500 in repairs.

1977 Ford Van. 3 years ownership. Less than $300 in repairs.

1992 Tempo. 4 years ownership. $700 in repairs.

2001 Mercury Cougar. 7 years ownership. $2,000 in repairs.

Each of these vehicles was already close to (or well-over) the 100,000 mile mark when I acquired them. Each of these vehicles proved far more reliable than the two Hondas I've owned - both of which ended up on the side of the road more times than I care to remember. The '01 Cougar I just traded in still had the original clutch (168,000 miles).