1999 Mercury Cougar 2.5, V6 from North America


Awesome driving, semi-reliable


After one week, my rear brakes made a terrible noise like someone was dragging their hand down a wet window. The dealership said it was normal because so much of the rotors were exposed to the elements. OK. I guess I can buy that one. They refused to fix it; however, it was perfectly fine for me to purchase the best brakes made through them and pay for their labor to correct the deficiency. Four years later, they still make noise. Nice...

I had the front brakes replaced at 20,000 miles. I was on a road trip and a tight schedule when they started dragging. Unfortunately, it cost me two new rotors and two new sets of brake pads at 20,000 miles. The kicker is, the day before I started the road trip, the dealer changed the oil and performed my 20,000 mile check-up. (I only assumed that included the brakes.)

The fan motor for the air conditioner inside the car squeaks when it's on low. It's not too loud, just annoying.

The trunk won't stay unlocked long enough for you to press the button in the front and walk to the back to open it. You have to be right there when you use the remote or the button inside.

The lights constantly go from bright to dim when you're driving it. It's steadily getting worse over time, and I hate to fix it if it isn't broke. Yet, I'm almost scared to take it on a trip for fear that it may leave me stranded. It only has 40,000 miles. I shouldn't have to worry about a car practically brand new. Right?

I have followed the maintenance plan precisely. It's had 17 oil changes in 40,000 miles and 4.5 years. Now it's leaking something on my garage floor. Yikes!

Yet, I believe the most painful discrepancy is the paint that's been pitting and chipping since day one. There is no way that rocks have caused these pits. If it were rocks, I would have replaced the windshield by now with all the pits and chips on the hood.

I absolutely love my car. I think it's gorgeous. Nevertheless, reflecting back, I believe I have had way too much mechanical worry for an automobile that I have taken care of "as advertised" by the dealer. This car has been sheltered in the garage away from the elements most of the time. It gets used on average once a week.

I'm very disappointed with some of the quality that I was counting on when I purchased it.

General Comments:

I enjoy driving my car. I feel completely in control. It responds quick with both the accelerator and steering wheel. It corners like no other vehicle I've ever owned.

The transmission shifts effortlessly, with precision and smoothness.

The interior is classy, sharp, and very high quality.

After I wash my car, I just want to drive around town to see how many people notice it. There's hardly a time that goes by that someone doesn't comment on it.

It's great for short trips; however, it's not very comfortable on long runs.

I'm pleased with the gas mileage as well. Especially with the price of "go-juice" these days.

Would I buy from this company again? I seriously doubt it.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2004

21st May 2004, 14:34

The looks and comments are the only thing that keep me from trading in my beautiful red baby. However driving my dads mini van most the time since mine is always in the shop isn't very fun! Opening the trunk really bothers me, I have spilt every liquid imaginable in my lap because of the faulty cup holder, and the interior wears very quickly!

1999 Mercury Cougar from North America


This car proves that beauty is only skin deep


While my car was still under warranty, I had to do the following:

*Replace ALL of the weather stripping

*Replace the windshield (it was warped)

*Replace the catalytic converter

*Replace the starter (I think -- it seems like I replaced it, but after ALL I've had done, it's all fuzzy at this point!)

*Replace the alternator

*Fix the moon roof motor because it got stuck open

*Fix one of the side windows (it would not go up and down properly)

*Fix the door on the same side as the window because once I got it back from the dealer from the window being fixed, the door would not open from the inside

*Replace the radio (the faceplate would warp when it was hot and wouldn't touch the contacts)

***That's all I can remember at this point.

Since it has gone out of warranty, I have spent a TREMENDOUS amount of money doing the following:

*Replacing the intake manifold runner control

*Replacing the compressor clutch

*Replacing ALL of the O2 sensors (why does the Cougar have so many?!)

*Replacing the remote control (it quit working)

*Buying a new key ($60 for a key!!)

*Replacing the antenna (it was falling apart and although it still worked, it looked awful)

... Good grief, I can't even remember all of the other stuff - I am sure my mechanic has had a lovely vacation or two based on my repairs alone! :)

What still needs to be done?

*The front seat fabric is wearing out, so they will need to be covered.

*The seatbelt material is fraying a little on the sides.

*My a/c has a crack somewhere in the casing that is inaccessible without pulling the entire a/c out of the dashboard which is AT LEAST $300.00 in labor alone.

*My car has recently started to kick out of 1st and 3rd gear at any given time, speed, or reason. Nice, a transmission problem.

*The weather stripping needs replaced again because it looks SO BAD!

*The headlights need to be replaced as well because they are pitted and foggy and look horrible (unfortunately, Ford/Mercury will not just replace the acrylic -- you must replace the entire unit!).

*The clear coat on the paint is starting to break down and it looks like there are permanent water spots all over it.

Keep in mind that I LOVE my car and have done everything I can to keep it in great shape - regular washings, waxing, "nourishing treatments" for the trim parts. But, alas, to no avail! My car is like a part of me and I love it, but I cannot afford to keep pouring money into it. The repairs are not cheap and they are MULTIPLE. I am seriously disappointed and from reading the other comments, I'm not alone. I don't understand why Ford/Mercury won't go outside the factory warranty to help all of us out. It's obvious that the problems are not just with my car -- I see MANY similarities between my experience and that of others. Oh, Mercury -- why? WHY?

General Comments:

My car performs beautifully. It gets up to speed fast and drives smoothly. The gears shift effortlessly and it hums on the highway. It's a BEAUTIFUL car and it gets a lot of looks. People seem to appreciate the sleek lines and curves this kitty contains. I find the seats to be very comfortable even on long trips. The sound system is great and I love the "fit" of my car. It's too bad that I'm going to have to trade it in -- my beautiful Cougar -- because after 3 1/2 years of ownership, I can no longer afford to take care of it.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2004

21st Jan 2009, 22:15

You can buff out the front lens of the headlights quite easily with a variable speed buffer and polishing compound.

1st Mar 2010, 15:10

Sorry to break the news, but you can't buy the acrylic headlight lenses. The whole assembly must be purchased. That is true for every car.