1999 Mercury Cougar 2.5liter V6 from North America


This kitty is a killer neico!



General Comments:

Superb pickup! The kind of car that will hold you, in your seat, until you take your foot off the accelerator.

Cornering/Maneuverability is great, handles like a race car.

Very gas efficient/economical...runs great mileage.

However the backseats are very firm, and rounded (to hold you in the seats)..being somewhat uncomfortable.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2002

1999 Mercury Cougar Sport Package 2.5 V6 from North America


The most underestimated, overlooked performance car on the market


While I've had this car there have only been a few minor things go wrong.

The annoying trunk latch sticking that the dealer claims is normal.

It's equipped with the factory CD player with semi-detachable faceplate. When I change a station the connectors will sometimes come apart and temporarily turn the stereo off. I've found that is very common with that particular model of factory stereos.

That very annoying little wrench light that appears every so often reminding you that you need maintenance is on again. (I thought only GM did asinine things like that.) If anyone knows of a way to turn it off other than having the dealership do it (for a fee of course), please let me know.

Other than that the car has been fantastic.

General Comments:

I have only one complaint on this car's performance; it's a slush box. (This car was originally purchased for my EX-wife who refused to learn how to drive 5 speed) My advice to anyone that enjoys performance cars is to get the manual transmission.

The car's handling is impressively superb. I once passed a Cavalier Z24 on an expressway cloverleaf on ramp doing 65mph, on his outside no less! (He cut me off a half mile before, so he deserved it)

Smiles take over my face whenever I come to a corner. With body roll is at a minimum it seems I can go around them as fast as my nerve will allow.

I can stop on a dime while still having excellent on center feel.

Acceleration is good, however, it would be much faster if I had control of the gears.

Interior appointments are on the plastic side and look a bit cheap. Though they are laid out well always within reach. With its six-way power seat I can always find a comfortable driving position.

Ultimately I am very impressed with the car given the price I paid, so if you are looking for a sports car and you have limited funds, don't overlook the Cougar. I couldn't be happier with mine (again, unless it was a manual).

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Review Date: 15th October, 2002

16th Jan 2003, 07:18

You shut the little wrench off by pressing the select and units buttons at the same time. After about 4 seconds it will shut off and reset, then after 4000 miles it will come on again. It should have been in your owners manual how to shut it off, that's where I found out how to shut mine off!

3rd Jun 2003, 00:37

Other than that trunk problem and the compact disc player's faceplate, I too have had a pleasure with this car. I would also like to add that underestimating this car is to our benefit, I live in New York State and this car has been one of the least expensive cars I've had to insure with collision and comprehensive. Its 5 speed 6 cylinder by far outperforms my previous acura integra which was a manual 4 cylinder and about twice the insurance rate as my cougar.

1999 Mercury Cougar 2.5 VR DOHC from North America


Fun, powerful, sporty, and a great bargain


Headlight assembly had a leak, and would fog up. The dealer couldn't get a replacement, said they fixed the seal, but I ended up having to do it myself with sealant.

General Comments:

Unfortunately I lost mine in a freak accident, and am still mourning the loss.

However, I have a great testimony to the safety engineered into this car. The entire engine, front end, trunk and undercarriage were destroyed in a rollover on rocks. The passenger compartment didn't budge an inch and I walked away without a scratch.


The Cougars seats are designed for a narrow back, the passenger seat seems the most comfortable.

It had power, but the response lagged a bit.

I had no problem with defects or bugs in 14,000 miles.

I've never driven a car that can corner like the Cougar, and have taken 35 MPH curves at 55 without squealing.

If you are looking at one of these try out the other competitors also (Celica, Eclipse, Stealth). You'll find the Cougar can hang with the more expensive copycats (Cougars were first with this design).

I'd consider this style of car the low end of "true" sports cars, which puts it into elite company. Furthermore, for it's cost, the Cougar might be the best bargain.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2001

18th Aug 2002, 00:26

This comment about the copycat bothers me a little. The 97 Cougars had a very different body style than the one that you had. Only the 99+ have the sport compact body. The Eclipse has had that body style since 1995. Unless you're talking about the 1994 or earlier eclipses in which case you're right, the cougar body was first.

My friend had a 99 Cougar V6 5-speed with cold air intake and a Zex nitrous system, and it would beat anything in town. These are great cars...