16th Oct 2005, 00:43


I have a 1996 Pontiac GrandAm GT. My sister has a 2000 Cougar! SHE HAS NOTHING, but PROBLEMS! and as of my car being a 96' and hers being a 00' I think it is pathetic! and you saying little pesky Grand Am's...it seems to me that the Cougar is a heck of a lot worse than the Grand Am, first of all the 00' Cougar only has a 2.5L in it, and even the 96' Grand Am has a 3.1L! I have both raced my sister in her cougar and won! before you go saying some un-intelligent stuff about Pontiac Grand Am's, you better drive one and realize that all of the Cougars belong in the junk yard.


22nd Jan 2006, 20:18

I bought a 02 Cougar in November of 04. I had it a little over a year and had nothing, but problems with it. When I first got the car I noticed the person that owned the car before me already had the alternator replaced. Well since I owned it I had to have the alternator replaced again, a sensor, and the rack and pin. Altogether I have put over a grand into just fixing this car. So over the weekend I traded it in for a Scion XB and so far I love it!!!

28th Mar 2006, 18:03

I just bought a 1999 Cougar V6...

Does anyone have the owner's manual as mine is in French?

The middle overhead caution light is on, but I am not too sure what it means.

I can be reached at slm_1@hotmail.com.



28th Mar 2006, 23:04

For the kid who wants the 2000 cougar, Read reviews on the Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique (mistake). The cougar is basically a contour with 4 doors (same chassis, motor, and TRANSMISSION (this is a terrible transmission) ). I used to own a contour and the car was complete garbage, with a whooping 18 recalls. Please read the reviews on this site for th contour and you will know what you are getting into in advance. I would take the Honda Civic hands down.