15th Sep 2005, 14:28

I'm still driving my 1999 Cougar. Loved the look of this car the minute I saw it and have been well pleased. I have an automatic V-6 and I LOVE driving this car. Way better than the automatic Mustang I had that was crap in snow and the back-end would spin out on perfectly dry pavement when making a turn a little too fast. My Cougar handles turns beautifully and I've driven up some snowy slopes in it without a problem. Brakes, rotors, brake dust have been my only issues with the car. Except for the original brakes, the rest of the brake jobs leave chirps or squeals or some weird noise. I'm always getting the rotors cut or replaced. Anyway, this car reminds me of the Cougar's of the 60's and I love it. Why have they stopped making Cougars? They sure kept that ugly style that was discontinued in 1997 around forever, but this sporty little coupe is already gone. Why? Did it look too much like the Eclipse?

7th Dec 2005, 11:32

I have had my 2000 Cougar v-6 for 2 years now. I bought it with 27,000 miles in 2003. It has ben pretty dependable for the most part until recently.

I just replaced the alternator and am experiencing continued problems, most obvious, the battery light stays on. The dealership has it right now for 2 recalls (one being the battery cable.) Tried to explain to them (what happened) didn't sense that it mattered much since I brought it else where. Asked them to install a new cable and they said only if it needed it. I'm concerned about a ground problem and it will show up when this car gets wet. I live in the north east and it will see plenty of weather. So if it is a ground issue, it will be painfully expensive to find it.