2000 Mercury Cougar from North America


This car eats fuel pumps if the fuel level is not kept above 1/4 tank. I have replaced 2 and wasn't told about the problem with Cougars until the warranty had expired and I had to pay for the replacement, approximately $400. The reason is, as with most tank,mounted electric fuel pumps the gasoline cools the pump as it runs. Due to the fact that the fuel pump is mounted too high the side of the tank cornering caused the fuel to slosh away from the pump, causing overrun when the pump sucks air and nothing to cool the pump. The window seal on the exterior of the rear hatch have come off repeatedly even after several visits to the dealer. The Mercury service personnel admitted this was a problem due to the wrong adhesive being used at the factory.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2003

30th Nov 2003, 21:20

Our first fuel pump went out at 10,000 miles, we have since replaced the fuel pump 4 times and no one can tell us what the problem is.

11th Feb 2004, 00:02

I just want to say ThankGod! Youre only the second person I've seen who actually made the connection on why the fuel pumps go bad. I've heard of people needing new ones in under 10k miles. Its sad. I keep my cat over a quarter a tank all the time-as any mechanic or car dealer will tell you you should-and I've never had a problem. I'm up to about 50k miles and no problems yet.

2000 Mercury Cougar V6 w/Sports Pkg 2.5L DOHC 16 V from North America


A nice introductory sports car


Nothing(as of yet).

General Comments:

For a beginner sports car, this one should be considered.

The power is quite good (0-100 km/h in 5.5 to 6 sec) with no mods. Although don't get to confident at a street drag; you may get the pink slip, along with a speeding ticket.

The design is like no other on the road. Do not drive this car if you don't like to get attention; and believe me, you will get plenty of it.

Interior design is 21st century looking. It's sad that Ford discontinued this car; they had a true winner here.

When the car is accelerated from a dead-stop, the nose dives rather than rises like so many North American cars. I think that's because the car was designed in Germany, rather than North America. A nice surprise to say the least.

The satisfying growl of the V6, when throttle is pushed, means that no need of buying an after-market kit; although they are available (for a price).

Overall, I'm very happy with this car. What a better way to celebrate my 30th birthday then to go buy a introductory sports car like this? Especially since the car never saw winter, one lady owner, and little mileage.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2003

16th Mar 2005, 16:05

This car is a "sporty" coupe. and a nice ride. a totally frustrating ride. kinda like an unloyal puppy that like to act like it's house trained and then mess up the living room when you're having a big party. my cougar (2000 V6 sports package) is reliable for day to day work to home drives. but twice when I've been more than an hour away, it has turned into a nightmare. once I had to be towed home. the other I had to be rescued by a new battery (which only got me home, but did NOT solve the still present alternator problem). what really worries me is when I went to the ford motor co website, looked up the recall information for my VIN, nothing came up, even though I've been sent letters for the fuel pump recall. this car seems to be put together well, except when it comes to hard to solve problems, which they seemed to take the easy ways out... by not solving them.