3rd Feb 2008, 23:01

I also have a 2000 mercury cougar v6/2.5. I am having a problem with my lights flickering. Also, when I turn it on it starts surging and sometimes it will even shut off if I don't press the gas pedal--EVEN when I am driving! I replaced the battery. Any ideas?? I took it to the shop and they couldn't help me, no1 knows whats wrong!

23rd Feb 2008, 08:43

Our daughter bought a 2000 Cougar with 39,000 miles on it. It was a great car for about 2 1/2 years. Then on her way home from college, the engine blew! It was under warranty, but the warranty company and the dealership doing the work couldn't agree on the hours to replace engine. We got stuck with a $200 bill. Then car stalled again. The idiots didn't solder the ignition coil and it came loose. Scary situation. Make sure you have a reputable dealer.

27th Feb 2008, 15:11

I have a 2001 Cougar. I have been very luck, and it appears the 2001s do not have the electrical problems that the 2000s have. I have replaced the oxygen sensor and the fuel pump all covered by the extended warranty on those parts. I ALWAYS have a low coolant warning light, but that is not causing a problem.

My problem is the front right wheel's shock or strut seems to be locked into position. I have an incredible rough ride, with lots of bouncing, and this morning I heard a springing noise coming from that area. Hopefully this repair won't kill my bank account. I'm taking it into the dealership today.

11th Apr 2008, 00:48

I bought the 2000 cougar brand new in 2000. I have only 25,000 miles. YES, ONLY 25,000 MILES! However, I have been through 4 batteries and going on my 4th alternator this week. Car just doesn't start one day... then it has to be towed, because the jump is not enough, with a bad alternator. First I thought maybe my alarm system was eating the battery up- but no. Its the alternator and then the battery! I love the looks of the car and the way it hugs the road, but at 25,000 miles, I should think that's a big lemon if I had to replace those things so many times! Yes, the battery is reversed polarity and means you have limited batteries to choose from! Another pain in the... I want to sell it but know Ill get peanuts for it... even with the 25,000 mileage which by now should be more like 96,000! I would NEVER EVER buy another one like this and would NEVER RECOMMEND SUCH A LEMON CAR! They know of the problems and have discontinued the model years ago!

14th Apr 2008, 09:07

I have a 2001 Cougar and had problems with it not starting. The battery was good, so I had thought it was the alternator. Luckily, before getting it towed I talked to a guy at an auto-parts store, and he suggested replacing the ignition switch fuse. That did the trick and only cost me a few bucks to change without having it towed into a dealership. The brake light comes on and goes off regardless whether I have the emergency brake on or not, but that's not a big deal. So for anyone having issues with it not cranking; I would replace that fuse before having a dealership talk you into getting a new alternator.

14th Apr 2008, 23:54

I bought a used 2000 Mercury Cougar about a year ago. It had about 97,000 miles on it, but it ran pretty well. Lately, I've had trouble with power, especially going uphill at fast speeds. After reading the comments, I'm thinking this has something to do with the fuel pump. I called Ford and they said there are no recalls listed under my Vin #. Does anyone know if I can go to a Ford dealership and maybe get the fuel pump replaced, since I'm experiencing the same issues?

17th Apr 2008, 17:23

I have paid to replace three alternators. If you count the original, the one that went out within a week, and the one I will probably have to replace now after little over a month, that makes six alternators in 7 1/2 years! Fun, huh? I contacted Ford a month ago and they said the recall for the battery cable does not apply to my vehicle. I have the V6 2.5 though. I called today after my alternator light came on again and they said that my car was in for that recall in May of 2001. I had my car in for an oil change that month, but I did not have a recall checked. I am a little frustrated to say the least.

5th May 2008, 12:27

My 2000 Cougar with 175K kicks butt!! I bought this car, used in 2004 w/45K miles and I, like country girl (above), drive this car hard, fast and don't baby it. This car has been all over California, both highway and town miles put on it. I don't change my oil regularly and frequently run the tank down to empty. Per tank of gas, I ALWAYS get above 30mpg. I have had no fuel pump problems and am amazed at the durability of this vehicle. The following are the only repairs that I have had to have done:

1) clutch replaced at 160k

2) timing belt replaced at 170k

3) brake pads and tires...That's All!

Problems I do have, but don't care about are:

1) Trunk latch sucks and I have to manually do it or have the kids lift while I push the button. :)

2) The carpet in the back seat has folded over and needs to be glued down.

3) Heater and AC works only at max (level 4), but screw it... it works and I don't need to leave it on for long... now. :)

4) Hard to get into the back seat... But is it really expected to be a breeze when you buy a coupe? I don't think so.

Frankly, this is a good buy. With gas prices the way they are, I'll take the good with the "not so" bad, as long as I keep getting good gas mileage. My goal for this car is 250K... and I think I'll easily achieve it. When I get there... I'll chime back in. Dave in No-Cal.

16th May 2008, 20:44

OK, I need help! Please!! I bought my 99 Cougar about a year ago, and so far, it's given me minimal trouble considering it's got 90k.

Had to replace a fuel filter, a dpfe sensor, clean the mass air flow sensor. Not too big a deal, old cars nickel and dime ya to death.

I had problems with flickering lights in the rain one night, but that could be because I was genius enough to drive through 2 feet of water. :P.

BUT here's the problem now.

My oxygen sensors are messed up, and I have a weird light coming on on the dash. It's shaped like a trash can with a big X on it. Is this the emissions light? I'm horribly afraid it's my catalytic converter, but also I wondered if this light, if it is emissions could be on because of the O2 sensors? They are somehow wound into emissions through the fuel system I thought...

Anyway, I'd REALLY appreciate it if anyone knew what was going on here, would please put in their 2 cents!

And, for anyone who has had problems with their fuel system (I'm going to look into this too) there is a factory recall from ford on it. The phone number to call is 18003923673 and the number thing to go with it is 04v421000. This covers 99-2000 Cougars up to ten years after the original purchase date. Hope this helps someone out!!!

(sorry had to do this again, messed up a number. my bad!)