13th Mar 2010, 20:13

I bought my cougar last July... and it has been one issue after the other. Ironically, the day after I bought it, I got hit by another car... it was so close to being considered totaled... oh how I wish it had been ;-)

Since then:

- I had to have the starter and flywheel replaced... which was very spendy, as in this car you have to drop the transmission to get to it.

- I had to fix the bearings.

- I had the O2 sensors replaced.

- I had to have a tire and rim replaced, and when they tried to align it, it wouldn't, so had to get a new camber (?)

- Replaced headlights.

- The engine light is always going on and off.

- The sun roof never worked.

- The trunk won't stay open.

- And now, I brought it in cause it has been idling rough... apparently I need a new catalytic converter.

Well, I'm done with it... I haven't even paid for all my previous repairs yet. It is a total money pit. So, for all you people having issues who then sold your car... what did you get for it? I'm not expecting a whole lot, since it runs rough and needs major repairs (again)... but, I would love to get something back from all I put into it (it's currently at 133,000 miles)

28th Mar 2010, 06:27

I have a 99 Cougar, and I paid 2200 for it.

It had slight body damage; nothing that I can’t fix, and I just replaced the clutch, master cylinder, and slave cylinder in it, and that cost me 900.

I am about to fix the sun roof, and I am planning on make it look nice. I know that the previous owner did not take care of the car, and that with a little elbow grease it will be perfect.

1st Apr 2010, 07:51

I am in the same boat as all of you. My 1999 Cougar that I bought from a family member has given me nothing but problems. The funny thing is my brother NEVER had a single problem with it. He always kept up the maintenance very well. Now is at 150,000 miles. I am really frustrated because I cannot pass emissions. I do not know what to do. I have spent so much money and had so much replaced. I just cannot afford to sink anymore money. The check engine light and coolant light will not go away. As soon as the mechanic replaces parts, I leave and then about 20 miles later the light's are on again. I am trying to get the tag, and they will not give it to me without emissions.

30th May 2010, 10:13

My daughter bought a 1999 Cougar 1 year ago. About 3 months after she bought it, it began to over heat. We have had it in to 3 different mechanics. Had the water pump replaced, the radiator taken off and flushed, the motor flushed out, put a new thermostat on it. Lasted about 4 months, and now is trying to over heat again. Any suggestions??

19th Jun 2010, 12:04

Bought my car in winter of 08. It was a 99 Mercury Cougar.

Now it is 2010, and I still have the car with well over 200,000 miles on it, and it is still going strong. Yes the check engine light seems to pop up more than is pleasant, but that is because the actual systems that are running are highly sensitive.

I've read many of these posts now, and most problems can be fixed easily and inexpensively. Most should have had a code read before spending big bucks and being stuck with a check engine light.

My advice is to get the code, research it, start small and work up to the big. For example, an EGR code is most of the time spark plugs; either they're bad or improperly gapped. You have to make sure the gapping is almost dead on, or else you'll get codes for lean banks and engine misfires. So please take your time and work smart, don't just throw money at the problem.

26th Jul 2010, 17:14

I just bought my 99 cat for $2500, and it lasted a week/2200 miles.

Then today after I step out of the car to go into college, the upper radiator hose spit; Autozone wants $110, but I found one for $40 at NAPA.

I love ford and will always be faithful, but I'm scared, my car is showing the infamous light, code said O2 sen, big surprise. I can't afford to buy another car, went broke buying this one.

I have to wait 24 hours for the hose to ship. That sucks, but my temp gauge is sticking, sometimes it's in the red, normal, or cold; all while driving 50 miles, but shows no signs of over heating.

I also noticed it has a slight slip in the trans. I have the 2.5 auto in-case you were wondering. It has 198k and is a blast to drive when it doesn't misfire.

I do all my own work if I have the tools, and this car is now the second car I've bought, and it's broke down in my drive way.

My 93 Probe GT quit a week after I bought it. I only paid $250 for that one. This Cougar I'm hoping will pull though for me, or I will be selling or trading it real soon.

If you want to ask?? Email me.


4th Apr 2011, 18:47

Turn the wheel as you turn the key, it may be locked.

5th Apr 2011, 18:39

No - they're supposed to be loose.

If it's sputtering when cold at idle - it's either IAC or intake manifold gasket leak..

5th Apr 2011, 18:44

Very simple stuff if you can do it yourself.

1 - You have a vacuum leak - most likely intake manifold gaskets.. easy fix.

2 - You had a rebuilt trans when you just needed a either a new valve body or torque converter... not expensive...

I just hate it when people bad mouth cars, but I see how people drive, they don't warm their cars up, and beat the hell outta them. No wonder they break...

I have Cougar - 140k miles - just needed brakes, battery, and alternator.

5th Apr 2011, 18:45

You have a vacuum leak most likely...

9th May 2011, 22:34

That smell is sulfur, your converters are bad.

22nd May 2011, 20:33

I just bought a 99 Cougar and the speedometer doesn't work and it shifts gears hard. I'm thinking it's the speed sensor. Does that sound right to everyone that's had this issue?

18th Jun 2011, 01:42

My car is a 99 and has 138,000 miles on it. Going down the road, it drives great, but when ya first start it up, ya have to rev it up a little. Because as soon as you start it up, the rpms jump up, then fall all the way down, then the car wants to die. After ya keep the rpms at about 2 for about 5 minutes, it quits doing it. It sometimes does it when ya come to a stop. I was told it might be a vacuum leak, but I have cleaned the EGR valve and added a new gasket to it, changed the spark plugs in it, ran fuel injector cleaner, Seafoam, done just about everything I can think of to it... and it still idles funny. Anybody know of any reason it might do this???