1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LX 5.0 EFI from North America


She's A Trooper!


Front Brake Failure.

Driver's Side Power Window.

Leaks Oil Real Bad.

General Comments:

This car has been driven on 1 liter of oil for miles on end.

It never quits...I've had all four wheels off the ground.

Starts every single time... never takes more than 2 seconds.

Extreme amount of power!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2003

1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 Liter 302 from North America


A truly wonderful full-size luxury-mobile!!!


The rear driver's side power door lock motor died and was replaced.

Original battery and tires needed replacing shortly after the car was purchased.

Intermittent knocking resolved by replacing ERG valve and doing major tune up.

Rear differential leak resolved by replacing pinion gasket.

General Comments:

I've owned this car for nearly six months now, and I'm very impressed with its ride and handling considering its age. It had only 41,000 miles when I purchased it. The car was well-taken care of by its one previous owner.

I've only had to do routine maintenance work on the car, and the engine runs as smoothly as my 96 Town Car. The car is solid inside and out, and appears to be a well-manufactured luxury car. Ford definitely knows how to design and build their full-size cars for the long haul.

So far, it has been a wonderful second car and I feel safe driving it anywhere considering its above-average reliability and overall well-built design.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2002

12th Mar 2004, 12:53

They are beautiful cars. I own one with 57,000 original miles on it. Ford has never built a better car. This is the fourth one I've had. They were all very good, but this one is the best.

27th Jul 2004, 13:57

I agree with ya there. The Best. I've upgraded the AC System totally and aside from that... some small, self installed parts... this car now has 150,000 miles and going strong. Luxurious inside and out... aside from the vinyl top, which has deteriorated somewhat. I take this car anywhere and would drive it to coast to coast tomorrow if I were going.

18th Nov 2008, 19:42

This car is really great.

1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LX 5.0 liter from North America


Great car


Map sensor went out.

Water pump went out.

Oil leaks.

Air conditioner compressor froze up.

Power steering pump quit.

Air conditioner evaporator core developed a leak.

Heater core started leaking.

Cruise control stopped working.

General Comments:

I have almost totally worn this car out, but it still runs good.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2001