1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LS from North America


People mistake it for a Lincoln


Replaced windshield wiper switch and arm.

Replaced sending unit in gas tank.

Replaced linkable fuse.

Replaced 2 alternators.

Cassette player died, replaced with CD player.

Small chip in windshield.

General Comments:

When I bought my car is was in immaculate condition with only a broken sending unit in the gas tank and a broken wiper switch. I had both fixed immediately. There was also some minor rust.

I quickly began customizing it. I had the rear windows tinted. By the way, one of my favorite features of this particular Grand Marquis is the enclosed rear window. I instantly fell in love with it. I removed the script from the rear deck lid. I had custom landau bars made. I also found a place that made fender skirts for my Grand Marquis. Finally, I added some wide white wall tires. I've often had people ask me what year Lincoln or what year Continental I have. I tell them it's a Grand Marquis. But it's back when Grand Marquis' were still grand looking. I plan on showing my Grand Marquis at the local car show. I wish there was a way on here I could post a picture of it.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2005

28th Apr 2005, 07:33

As do we all.

Well, no, not really.

5th May 2005, 13:40

Go to www.crownvic.net, where you'll find hundreds of Grand Marquis, Crown Victoria and Lincoln enthusiasts. You can post all the pictures you like.


31st May 2005, 14:59

You should add some curb feelers, and one of those lighted crown air fresheners for the rear deck.

Well, you should!

23rd Mar 2008, 07:28

Where did you have your landau bars made? I'm looking for some about 18" long. Thanks!

1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 302 5.0 Liter from North America


Big and Tall, Cheap and Swift


The Distributor cap went out after 3 months of having the car. I had to get a new cap, rotor, spark plugs, wires, and the fuse that goes under the distributor cap.

The Radiator hose busted and cause a little fire on the alternator. I had to get a new alternator re-wire the wires for the alternator because they were burnt also, and get a new radiator hose. It was cheap though.

Needs a new valve cover gasket, oil cover gasket, and transmission mound that is still not fixed.

Exhaust hose was to hot and melted together, so I had to get an whole new exhaust hose.

Engine was shot out so I bought a new one.

General Comments:

The space in the car has to be the best in any car that was ever made. It has a front bench and the front seat mind as well be the back seat.

Handling is really good, it floats on the road, feels like your driving on top of water.

Real easy to fix up, you can have a million things wrong and it would never burn a hole in your pocket.

The stock engines burn gas and oil fast, but that is common for a car that is almost 20 years old.

To buy a new engine for the car is remarkable cheap. I mean I got a 302 5.0 Liter engine for 400 dollars and nothing is wrong with it.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2004

1986 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 EFI from North America


The best of the 80s


Vacuum hose on Fuel sensor ruptured.

Brake pads are wearing out.

Electric Antenna was not functioning.

Rear main seal is leaking slightly.

General Comments:

This is a reliable, still stylish car that is easy to fix, utterly comfortable and a delight to drive. Bought it for a few hundred dollars, and took a few bucks to get it up and running like new!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2004

4th May 2004, 20:09

I agree with your comments on the car. I have a 1986 Grand Marquis LS coupe. The car color is Medium Shadow Blue and it has every option. I love this car with all my heart. It has been in my family since it was purchased new. The car now has 68,000 miles and is running well. I will continue to baby it and am looking forward to a full restoration. Start searching for new old stock anywhere you can because many OEM parts are being discontinued. My advice is that you hold onto this car as long as possible. Good luck.

28th Sep 2008, 23:09

If it's got the vent windows, keep it forever.

21st Jan 2019, 22:42

Oh, yes! I truly miss vent windows.