1987 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 from North America


Least expensive most comfortable car I've ever owned


Throttle positioning sensor at 70,000.

Shocks at 100,000.

Brakes at 128,000.

Small radiator hose blew at 146,000.

Water pump at 156,000.

Muffler and tailpipe replaced at 156,000.

Rebuilt transmission at 179,000.

Turn signal bulb (rear) burnt out at 190,000.

Paint currently starting to fade on all upper surfaces.

General Comments:

First 100,000 was mostly highway miles, usually between 80-90 MPH.

Mileage dropped from 22/28 to 18/21 when tires were changed to Japanese 'cruiser' type tire. One should only run Michelin on these cars.

Had a back problem before this car, but last 18 years in those comfy seats have eliminated that.

After all those years and miles this car still wants to cruise at 85-90 MPH.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2004

5th Aug 2008, 19:49

At 214,000 I replaced her with a 2004 Town Car which, although a little bit smaller interior, is about her equal. The Marquis is in storage and run on occasion. The Grand Marquis, after all those miles and years, broke down shortly before storage. A coil wire had simply rusted out and fell out of the coil leaving me stranded on the highway.

1987 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0L V8 from North America


My car kicks ass


Master cylinder replacement after less than one week of my owning the car.

Ignition module went out 5 days later.

The front passenger door is missing that plastic cover that goes over the light.

The cruise control has never worked... I've found that pressing the accelerator directly to the floor does pretty much the same thing as the cc would have, however.

General Comments:

The beast handles like a dream and I'm still sometimes surprised by the amount of punch it has on the getupandgo.

17 years old, 8 cylinders and gets 15 mpg. Not too shabby.

It's effin comfortable, too. I've taken it out on three road trips since I bought it and it's just perfect for long rides.

I just love to drive this car and, unless I happen across a '77, would much rather fix anything that goes wrong with it (within reason) than buy a different car.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2004

1987 Mercury Grand Marquis Station Wagon 5.0 V8 from North America


A Living Room on Wheels!


Previous owner crossed wires when jumping causing the radio amp to go bad. I bypassed the amp and rewired it directly to the speakers. Probably could have replaced the amp, but that would have required finding and getting to it!

Window on tailgate didn't roll down when bought. Took it apart and greased it down and it works fine now.

Air didn't work when bought. Not big on air anyway so I've never gotten it looked at. From what I hear though it probably just needs recharged.

Has small oil leak that I haven't tracked down yet. Just keep putting oil in every now and then and it's fine.

Power steering leaked when I got it. Put some stop leak in it and that worked.

Radiator hose busted.

Caliper replaced.

Pasenger side window motor just went out. Haven't fixed it yet. Dreading trying to get to it.

The exhaust had a small hole in it when I bought it. It has gotten progressively worse. I think I'll try the straight pipe idea another reviewer did. Even with the V8 and the bad muffler it's not as loud as my Olds which also has a bad muffler.

General Comments:

This is the Colony Park station wagon. For more Grand Marquis reviews see the Colony Park section. These cars are almost identical except the Colony Park is a station wagon. Mine is a wood grain. I love woodies!

This is a very fun and comfortable car! All the things that have gone wrong were cheap and relatively easy to fix. It's actually fun to work on. Just about every junk yard in America has one so parts are easy to find.

I would agree with some of the other comments about suspension. Mine is a little bouncy.

The instrument panel could be a little more informative. There are very few gauges. If there had been a thermostat I would have noticed the problem with the radiator hose before it started smoking.

My wife drives this car to a from work now, but when we get her another car this is going to be our fun car. Throw the dogs in and go camping! I just wish I had the money to make this car like new again. The seats are more comfortable then our couch.

The V8 is more like a V6 when it comes to gas mileage. My wife is getting about the same as I am in my V6 Olds.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2004

3rd Oct 2004, 19:34

Check the A/C relay and move the connector back and forth while A/C is on. If that works just jam something in there to keep it in place.