1988 Mercury Grand Marquis LS from North America


Worth keeping and repairing


The most comfortable car I've ever owned. Even more comfortable than a 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark III.

This car is white with white vinyl roof and gray cloth interior. It has the stainless steel lower panels, just like the Town Car.

A very dependable car. I drive it everyday.

I've replaced the headlight switch, heater core, repaired exhaust leak, new valve cover gaskets, complete tune up, front brake pads, and other general maintenance items are constantly being tended to. The rear windows will go down, but need help coming up. It doesn't bother me, since I never need them, anyway. Easy fix, though.

Smooth as silk. Literally floats down the road with class and style, giving a great road presence.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2013

29th Apr 2013, 23:23

I've had these cars before, and would buy another in a heartbeat.

I agree with your review, these cars are bulletproof reliable, and very cheap to own and operate. Not to mention you feel like a king when you drive one.

Mine was white with white vinyl top and blue velour interior with power seats. A great luxury ride on a budget, with super comfortable seating, rear wheel drive and V8 power.

I would keep this car forever; they don't make cars like this anymore.

I highly recommend this car, and its twin, the Ford Crown Vic!

1988 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 5.0 liter from North America


A great american made car


Besides just getting a regular tune up, as in spark plugs, wires, etc. etc., the only things I had to replace were the water pump and the fuel pump. And having cleaned out the catalytic converters, this car runs great.

General Comments:

This has been my only car for the past year, and it has got to be the nicest car I could have imagined having for being in high school. It runs good, and hasn't broke down on me once yet.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2012

1988 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 from North America


A great automobile to own


Leaky valve cover gaskets at about 195,000 miles.

Radiator blew at about 95,000 miles.

Radio stopped working at about 75,000 miles.

Automatic emergency brake release always malfunctioned.

General Comments:

One of the best cars I have ever owned.

It handled very well.

It was roomy inside with plenty of leg room.

The velour interior never seemed to wear.

Engine was quiet as can be, could not tell when it was running.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2010

1988 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 5.0 V8 from North America


Best full size car available anywhere, period


Air suspension shocks at 85,000.

Water pump at 95,000.

Alternator at 96,000.

Power steering hose at 115,000.

At 105,000 miles I got an oil change (was pressed for time because of preparations, so I hired it done) before a camping trip. The grease monkey didn't tighten the oil plug properly. The car ran so low on oil that the engine stalled from starvation. Despite severe damage to the rod bearings, she ran with an engine knock for another 61,000 miles before giving up the ghost.

General Comments:

Air suspension has aftermarket air replacement with adapters for the Ford air lines. Full kit is 1/6 the price of replacement Ford shocks and an easy install.

The other faults I considered typical maintenance & repair for almost any car.

The Grand Marquis was super comfortable with the pillow top power seats, and a dream to drive with the air suspension. I put some serious miles on it, many while towing a LARGE camper that could accommodate up to 8 people. That car took a LOT of abuse and just kept goin' in style. Loved it!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2009

3rd May 2013, 01:01

You should have made the garage who botched that oil change pay to fix the engine; even if it was still working fine with that knock, they are still responsible for the damage.

1988 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 5.0 from North America


A great, cheap full size bargain


Bought the car for 200 bucks, first thing I had to change was the alternator and the thermostat to water pump bypass hose. Other than regular servicing that's it!

General Comments:

This car is amazing! I wasn't sure what to expect when I got this car from an auction for 200 bucks, but what a find. It is without doubt the most reliable car I have ever owned.

I purchased the vehicle with just under 90,000 miles and I now have almost 170,000 miles without any problems whatsoever. It starts first time every time, all the electronic gizmo's still work fine and the interior looks brand new!

The ride is smooth and soft, can be a little scary in the rain going around corners, but I suspect a good set of aftermarket shocks and tires will overcome that problem.

Gas mileage is about 20 mpg combined driving, but that's with dual exhausts, the mileage maybe slightly less with a single exhaust.

Trunk room is huge, easily swallowing about 6 suitcases.

Service parts from local auto-parts stores are also very cheap.

The front split bench seats are very comfortable, the armrests fold up to allow a 3rd passenger to sit up front.

All in all, a truly magnificent car which surpassed all my expectations.

I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a traditional full-sized rear-wheeled V8 with lots of room and cheap replacement service parts. I shall definitely be holding onto mine as long as possible!

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Review Date: 9th August, 2008

3rd Oct 2012, 12:52

I'm 23 and love my Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis.

If I won the lottery, I would buy a black with tan interior 2003-2011 Town Car Executive/Signature L... and then a bunch more Panther cars and B bodies in the mix as well!