1992 Mercury Grand Marquis LS V8 4.6liter from North America


A beautiful, luxurious, stable car


There are only a select few things wrong with my car. The battery needs to be replaced. That's about. When I start the car, it stalls for not even a second, then it starts up and is fine.

General Comments:

Overall I am extremely pleased with this car. It makes my Lumina look like *poop*.

I got this car after I totaled mine on prom night, heh. I bought it for $800. Came with all the options, leather seats, power windows, power seats (driver and passenger), power windows, power locks, keyless entry, digital dash, air ride suspension, etc etc.

The people that owned it before me were an elderly couple. They put a power assist on it.. The steering is loose and is like a dream.. Seems like your floating.

I love this car because of its comfort. So smooth and dreamy. The paint is a beige/tan, and the exterior is mint. I bought it mint and it is still mint. The interior is mint as well. There is minor wear and tear on the carpet and rugs, but no biggie.

If you look at this car, you can sell it easily for $3000 or higher. People drool when they hear I got it for 800 bucks. Runs like a dream.

I'm happy I got it and I don't regret it one bit. =)

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Review Date: 4th July, 2004

1992 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 4.8L 281cid V* from North America


If you find one, BUY IT!!!


Electric fuel-filler door latch didn't work when I got the car. I cleaned the switch terminals and it's fine now.

Engine had excessive spark knock. Replaced cracked EGR (exhaust gas recirculation system) supply tube ($30 for the part) and EGR sensor ($50 for the part) and it seems to be better now.

All four hubcap centers are broken and/or missing. Typical for this kind of car.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $1600 to replace my beloved, but aging 1988 Lincoln Town Car. I loved the size, features, and comfort of the Town Car, and this car is about the same size, has many of the same features, and is about as comfortable as the Town Car was. It is also a lot faster, more reliable, and more economical than the Town Car was, and although it is in reality only three years and a few months newer, it looks a lot newer and everyone thinks that I am suddenly rich.

Some friends and I drove the car 1600 miles last month with no problems at all. There were seven of us in two cars. The other car was a 2002 Malibu, and my old tank was faster, more comfortable, and just about as economical. I happen to know it also cost me a lot less.

Like all rear-wheel-drive cars without traction assist or ABS, this car has trouble in the snow, but a bag of sand in the trunk has proved helpful. I slid into a parked Civic one snowy morning and although the Civic had $1400 worth of damage, there was no visible damage to my car. Go figure.

I cannot believe that I got this car for so little money! (I sold the Lincoln for $1750 and so made $150 off of the trade!!) I almost bought an Escort... I would have hated myself forever.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2004

5th Aug 2005, 10:27

Update: After another year and a half, I still have the Grand Marquis. It now has nearly 148,000 miles on it. I have put a trailer hitch on it and I use it to tow an old camp/utility trailer. Last May some friends and I went on a camping trip. We drove about 400 miles, probably 100 of that on dirt roads. I had five people in the car, as well as all their stuff, and I was also towing the trailer which was full of stuff, too. The car got 20+ MPG even with the big load. Only complaint is that the back end rides real low when the trunk is full or the loaded trailer is attached.

The check engine light was on for a long time. I checked the code and it said it was a problem with the EGR system. Replacing the valve didn't work, but finally I took the throttle body off and cleaned out the EGR passage. That fixed the problem and only took about a half hour, including the time to remove and replace the throttle body, and cost nothing.

I'd say I've already gotten my $1600 out of it and I still plan on keeping it for a while.

16th Jan 2006, 05:55

Yes, go to a shop that sells/installs trailer hitches or shocks and they can advise you on fitting spring assisters and stiffer shocks.

Some of these cars were equipped with a trailer-towing package from new, so you might find uprated parts in a junkyard.

Ask a few places, take your time considering the options and costs.

In a couple of weeks you'll be an expert on the subject and should report back in this forum so we all know the right solution.

21st Jan 2006, 21:42

I also have a 92 Gran Marq LS, it has 480,500 KM on it the electronic load leveling still works that helps in towing, re ABS the sensors are a pain, but checking and cleaning the connections work.