29th Dec 2010, 23:45

I agree with the reviewer. The Grand Marquis is a fabulous car. When I was 19 (in 1968), I too wanted a lux-o-mobile, the 1966 Ford LTD Brougham... and I got one. Ultra smooth and quiet. My friends, who at first made fun of me, became jealous! My next was a 1968 Mercury Park Lane. Whoa!!! You probably realize now, that I prefer Ford Motor Company cars. They're the most reliable I've owned. I've had my Grand Marquis LS now for 10 years, and have no future plans to get rid of her. Hooray for all of us who appreciate the Merc!

30th Dec 2010, 17:37

The '68 Park Lane is what Steve McGarrett drove on Hawaii Five-O from 1968-1975.

2nd Jan 2011, 01:19

And they CRASHED IT on the last Hawaii 5-0 show! It was eventually bought by a guy who completely restored it to its original glory. Lots'a money and time, but was well worth it. Look it up on the internet: Hawaii 5-0 Mercury Parklane... I think. Good article.

20th Aug 2011, 19:16

That is a pretty cool thing to read; thanks for that. I also found this in my Internet searches: http://www.hawaiifive0.org/cars.shtml - Can someone say... Nostalgia?!

22nd Nov 2011, 12:27

I'll say it: "Nostalgia!" Awesome cars. And an equally excellent review.

I agree with the first commenter when they said that those who bash the car know nothing about them - my friends are prime examples of this: When I first got my Grand Marquis (my review for the 2003 GM is the one with 2000+ words if you wish to read it), I was mocked for it. Not any more. This car literally keeps its cool under pressure, and never fails to take me where I want it to go. I've never seen something so reliable.

23rd Nov 2011, 15:41

I'm 22 and own a Crown Victoria (new body style).

Let's just say that if my friends dared mock my car, I wouldn't have any friends. Them or my car? I'll take the Vic!

24th Nov 2011, 17:10

Who really cares about what others think about the look of your car?

I think Civics, Mazdas, and all the newer cheap plastic FWD cars look tacky and cheap.

The styling of a Mercury Marquis may be outdated, but many of us like myself prefer this classic look.

Either way, when you are sitting inside on luxurious leather seats in a spacious interior with all amenities, cruising at high speed and low RPMs, with rear wheel drive handling and cloud like suspension, who really cares what the car looks like?

These cars are made to drive, perfect for long trips and such. I have owned a few of these in the past, and I can assure you it is one of the finest automobiles ever made; luxurious, reliable, and an absolute pleasure to drive, something other cars these days lack.

RWD will always make for a better driving experience, that cannot be argued.

25th Nov 2011, 12:01

Rear wheel drive is cool and all, but I think all wheel drive is the best driving experience. Get behind the wheel of an Audi, and you'll agree it has a much better handling experience.

And you speak of amenities? Yeah, these cars are somewhat lacking in amenities, but we're comparing apples to oranges here. I mean the old Ford big-bodies have their uses, but personally I prefer to feel my driving experience, not just float along disconnected to reality. Hopefully you guys won't bash me too hard on this comment.

I own a 2001 Crown Vic BTW. And my mother loves for me to take her on trips in it, but I much rather my Audi for my personal trip taking and driving. Different strokes for different folks, right?