30th May 2007, 23:11

The Grand Marquis is defenitely a land yacht. I love my car and wouldn't trade her in for the world. Hopefully she is still in tact in about 4 years so my son can have a car. But I have also noticed problems with windows and locks. I have to manually lock the back doors from inside the car and the front door locks from the outside. Neither back window roll down and the passenger window will stick if rolled all the way down. I can fix it, but I don't feel like it just yet. lol

My Marquis is the queen of the road. And I love to peel around turns with her. Cannot believe how well this car traction is.

Good Luck with your cars every1.

15th Jul 2009, 15:13

I have the same issues with the door locks (was told that it is the actuator failing) and left rear window; however, I wouldn't trade my marquis for anything in the world... her name is miss daisy.

30th Jul 2009, 17:56

I have the same problem with my 89 Grand Marquis GS; it runs like a champ, but it gets like 12-15 mpg. That's not cool.

My front doors don't lock, but what do you expect with a car I just bought for only $200.

My dad calls my car Jasmin from the movie Aladdin, cuz it rides like you're on the magic carpet. It glides with a fly ride like it. There is no way I will give this car up to anybody. No one can take my jet black red pin striped car away from me.

1st Aug 2009, 20:52

Only 12-15 MPG??? Give your car a full tune-up, check/replace worn suspension parts, and get an alignment. Driving with a heavy foot will not help fuel economy...

For more tips and tricks, visit grandmarq.net :)

16th Feb 2010, 11:52

I got my 89 GS five years ago for free from a friend, and can't believe how reliable it's been.

With over 230,000 miles on it and little maintenance, she still starts every time, even when it's -20F outside.

In winter she can be difficult, especially on hills, and I've got as bad as 8mpg, though in the summer, on the highway, after a tune up, I've hit 23mpg, but on average she gulps fuel like the ocean tanker she is.

The torque and power of the 5.0 V8 makes up for it.

I'll drive her til the wheels come off and then some; great car!