1995 Mercury Mystique GS 2.5 V6 twincam 24 valves from North America


Performance but High cost maintenance


Water pump replaced - $160.00.

Break lines replaced from rear to middle of car (both side) - $120.00.

Kind of flange in direction column - Replace it for $150.00 - Now steering is tight.

Front linkit changed (both side) - $100.00.

Rear breaks changed (Rotor + pads) changed - $150.00.

Heater only blow hot air in defrost dock. Replaced a small vacuum tube. Solved the problem - $50.00.

Alternator has to be changed, extremely expensive repair on that model - $467.00 (rebuilt part $230.00 + 3 hours labor)

Other small fix like door-lock switch ($20.00)

Tune up (oil, filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter etc + scan test) - $225.00.

A/C will never works again (compressor, condenser and dryer are out)

Check Engine light turns on somethimes but there is no OBD code in ECU memory. So I don't worry about that. Car runs very very well.

General Comments:

This car looks very good and is funny to drive with nervous V6 engine. The car handles very well. Sedan 4 doors is very useful with a spacious trunk. Lot of equipment with automatic transmission, power windows, electric door-lock, illuminated mirrors on both side, cup holders, CD radio (installed by myself)

Interior is great with beautiful dashboard that shows important gauges such as RPM and temperature.

Body and frame is perfect, absolutely no rust. Paint is still gloss.

Everything is OK (Cigar lighter, accessories, power windows, lights etc.) but antenna doesn't go down.

I'm a canadian guy and bought this car for 19 hundred canadian box.

If someone want to buy a used car and don't want to spend money to keep it in a good condition, go at a the dealer store and buy a brand new one!!!

Today, if I get a new car in the same category, I'll pay at least $20.000 - No thank you |;o)

I love my Mercury Mystique and I'd like to keep it for a while! Taking good cares is the secret for any old car...

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Review Date: 10th December, 2006

14th Aug 2007, 10:18

Air conditioner went out. I have spent more than 1500 in repairs and it still is not working.

1995 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0L 4 cylinder. from North America


All around decent little car


Lets start with I bought the car for $350 AS-is. So of course a car of that price will need some work.

To certify it all I needed were 2 brake lines (from corrosion - Canadian winters)

I've done a tune up on it.

The car has a bit of shake at idle, but then again it is idling at like 600rpm.

A/C and cruise control don't work; nor do the rear power windows.

General Comments:

The car is a little under powered and does seem to stress a little when getting on the freeway, but its not that small of a car and with only 125hp under the hood it does good enough.

Very good on gas!

It's comfortable on long trips, we've made 4 hour road trips in it and not felt sore after.

Only issue I've had is the transmission cooler line sprung a leak. It sprayed on the exhaust manifold so it smoked a lot, but it never left us stranded. Quick fix with a piece of rubber hose.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2006

26th Oct 2006, 18:57

I have a Mystique from 1986 that now has 135,000 on the speedometer and has never given us a moment of trouble... it still runs and I think it is the best car we have ever had (better than the Volvo!) I love it and wish they still made them!

1995 Mercury Mystique 24v V6 from North America


Avoid this car


Where to begin...

Got the car in 2001, 55k on the odometer. Ran great, lots of pep. Awesome features included: leather seats, sunroof, etc.

The car had been lady driven, and babied by the previous owner. I babied it as well.

At 70k, the "Check Engine" light appeared. That's when it all started.

First, the car begins to smell like rotten eggs after several minutes of driving.

Dealer found no problems.

At approximately 75k, the car dies on me, in the middle of the night, ON THE FREEWAY!

Very scary experience. Car would not start, even the emergency blinkers would not come on.

Car is towed to dealer. Dealer has the car for over a month, literally just under five weeks.

Dealer determines, after replacing virtually ever sensor attached to the engine, that the problem is a wiring harness. This was apparently a recall, a common problem for this model.

Six months later, I'm on a road trip, four hours from home, and the car begins to jolt and jerk at stops. It was as if it was trying to jump forward. This problem persisted, the entire trip. Thankfully, it made it home. I take it to the dealer, who does about $500 of miscellaneous work to it, inlcluding oxygen sensors and a mass air flow sensor.

Get the car back, three days later the problem is back. Rotten eggs smell, jolting and jerking at stops. Loss of power during acceleration.

I go to autozone, run a diagnostics, which determines it has oxygen sensors, mass air flow, and idling arm, all going bad.

Replace all of these parts myself. No change in performance. All problems still existed. Check engine light still there.

I finally hocked the car at 90k.

General Comments:

Sadly, I cannot recommend this car to ANYONE. I did not trust this vehicle, in the least. Probably the most unreliable vehicle I have ever seen.

I don't know what the dash would look like without the check engine light on. From 70k-90k, it was on, everyday, all day.

I paid $5800 for the car. In the four years I owned it, I put just over $4000 in repairs into it, excluding general maintenance.

Oh, yea, and the cup holder is the most worthless and inconvenient contraption, ever.

This car was very quick, and stylish when I first purchased it.

Never rusted on me. Great handling in bad weather. Good gas mileage.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2006

16th Sep 2008, 20:17

I'm shocked that no mechanic picked up on the "rotten egg" smell. This is almost always just a bad catalytic converter and all the symptoms point smack at it. I suspect that a new cat and muffler would have solved all of the problems in this particular incident.