1995 Mercury Mystique LX 2.0L 16v from North America


Costly engine to maintain


Carpet came unglued in the backseat.

Ignition had to be replaced.

Radiator hoses broke 2 times.

Head gasket went at 80000.

After head gasket was fixed car was a waste of time. In the end it was running on 1.5 cylinders.

Very Dim headlights.

Hard shifting manual transmission.

Not worth any amount of money for this car.

General Comments:

This this was terrible. It did drive nice for the first 20000 miles I had it. After that it was all trouble. The engine is probably the worst thing ford/mercury ever conceived.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2005

1995 Mercury Mystique GS 2.5L from North America


Not trouble-free, but a good workhorse in the long run.


Catalytic converter/emissions is probably the biggest problem with this car. It was recalled fairly early on, but still it has problems and most of them will have the EGR valve fail at some point (causing a check engine light).

The trunk leaks! Not enough to cause dampness or odor, but not pleasant when it drips on your belongings!

The struts claim to be 100,000 mile struts. Not so. Creaky critters.

Unlike many, my cup holders are both intact (I'm not rough with them). The vent louvers were goners early on, though. No big loss.

My biggest complaint, though, is that so many parts must be purchased from Ford, including very basic items like the air filter and battery. And the dealership charges exhorbitantly more than other places; I suspect many of you who have had bad diagnoses and repairs are using the dealership -- don't! Find a local mechanic you can trust.

General Comments:

The car is now 10 years old, and has fewer problems now than in its early years! Remember, this was the first model year for the Mystique in the U.S. It's never a good idea to buy the first model year of any car.

Still, it looks great and even though I keep waiting for "the big expense," it comes out of every tune-up with flying colors. I attribute the success to good, routine maintenance.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2005

19th Oct 2006, 08:26

I own a 95 4cyl Mystique with an auto transmission and I've bought ALL my parts after-market; everything from filters, to spark plugs or wires to brakes, exhaust system, etc. Anything I've needed to do I've gotten done with after market parts. Either your mechanic or yourself don't look around to find them. However in saying that only problem my car has given me was a transmission cooler line leak.

1995 Mercury Mystique GS from North America


All in all this car has been very reliable it has its downs, but what car doesn't at 125,000?


When I bought the car the cup holders had already broken off but no dirt on my shoulders, I got used to it.

The wires got hot and melted the rubber covering. This causes my air conditioning compressor to come on and off whenever it pleases.

Tires often squeal when going into the second gear.

Some days it has great power, others it rides like a LTD.

General Comments:

This car has good get up and is able to make quick turns without hesitation.

Very comfortable, feels faster on the passenger side.

Sound system was so-so, I quickly put in a Pioneer and replaced the speakers with some Polk-Audio 6x9s.

Back doors squeaked so I sprayed them with some W D-40, they work like a gem now.

All of the locks still work although the passenger side door is difficult to open and is probably on its last leg.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2005

1995 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 from North America


When you see this car coming RUN!!!


It's so funny to hear everyone else's story's about this car, somethings I even forgot about my own.

Like the always squeaking back seat, or how the door totally freeze shut every single winter.

Well I have replace my alternator 3 times, only to find out after 3 alternators and 2 batteries that the little light under the hood was staying on and killing my battery!!!

I replaced my timing belt 3X.

Water pump 2x.

Timimg belt pulleys, motor mounts, & starter just to name a few.

My windshield mysterious leaks, I have taken it to a windshield place they said they found nothing, so the windshield gets covered with plastic now.

My trunk also leaks, but only after it rain and you open the trunk, then all the water comes pouring out.

Most of my vent louvers also broke off.

But I did manage to hold on to ONE 1/2 cup holders, I glued mine back as best I could, the cup holders are neat!

General Comments:

Other than all those things the car looks great inside and out, and it was fun while it lasted, but I have moved on and never wish to look back!!!

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Review Date: 11th July, 2005

6th Oct 2007, 17:17

Where did you bring your car that made it fail out on you so many times? That just doesn't sound right. It sounds like you brought it to a mom and pop garage that did a half ass job on your car. I have a 1995 mystique that personally has been good to me. And also... why would you keep a car that would cost you so many alternators? I would take it to a dump and have them strip it of any good parts and get some type of money out of it.

31st Jan 2008, 09:47

Absolutely fantastic car. V6, 5 speed manual. I have now 253,000 miles. The only problems were a water pump at 215,000 miles, and the clutch at 249,000 miles. I never got stuck, always starts and runs great. Still looks great too. I wish Ford was still making these in 2008, I would buy another in a heartbeat. Too bad 2008 Mercury Milan 5 speed manual only comes with a 4 cylinder engine.