5th Apr 2006, 08:18

I own a 1996 LS 3.5 V6. Not a bad car for driving, but the mechanical aspect is horrible. The car has received excellent maintenance, but... recently at 49,000 miles a new (rebuilt) transmission was required, new wiring harness has been put in, new water pump, drivers window will not work, automatic radio antenna is not working among other issues.

Ford should be required to provide all new Mystique buyers with an exchange car or significant cash refund.

20th Jul 2006, 04:36

I have a 1996 Mercury Mystique with the same problems. I think mine needs a new transmission, but its problems are similar.

It seems to over-rev if I step on the pedal while already cruising at 20mph. Once it hits 45, it's usually OK unless I romp on it.

I also had the same problem with the check engine light staying on, and the little engine temperature indicator showing an over heated engine.

Also, when I first started noticing problems with the overdrive button, it would come on and off, but as time progressed, it would come on 2 minutes after it was running and stay on.

As far as the windows are concerned, my front passenger window has started to slow and my back left passenger window has completely stopped working. The back door also cracked. I sprayed WD -40 on it and the cracking noise seems to go away until the 40 actually wears off.

I sure am not a lawyer, but if our cars all have similar if not the same problems, that should give us grounds to something right?


20th Jul 2006, 13:28

Howdy. I have a 97 Mystique with an overheating problem.

The thermostat has been replaced and also have replaced the entire exhaust system. (new CAT) The fluid is over the full level on the overflow, we NEVER have added antifreeze.

ALSO has new gauge, and a new fan switch. Also has gone back for wiring harness recall. The electric fan is working. What is next? Could it be the water pump? How about the radiator?


20th Jul 2006, 13:50

I have a 95 Mercury myself, and there is always something that I have to fix.

1) My car shakes between 95km/hr and 120km/hr.

2) When going up hills, it shakes when changing gears.

3) The A/C broke and nobody can find the problem. (no that I care anymore)

4) The passenger side dashboard pop up

5) The rear driver's door makes sounds when I open it or close it.

6) The car sometimes pulls to the right or left. I cannot go straight.

The car is not that ugly looking, it looks more than fine for a 95 but... there is a lot that you can't see.

Any advice, please send it to germancho98@yahoo.com

7th Aug 2006, 08:07

So I'm NOT the only one who made the MISTAKE of buying the Mystique. What sucks is that I'm still making payments on my 98; and paying an additional 300-500 dollars a month for repairs. This has been going on for about 3 1/2 years...

I've had all of the above listed issues... Air Conditioner, Wiring Harness, Major Brake Problems, Tie Rod Ends (twice both sides), O2 Sensor (cause of the check engine light being on) heat/vent blower quit working, door creaking in the back, front springs (twice, once was manufacturer recall :)

This morning I had a NEW experience. Battery light comes on when accelerating... I had a serpentine belt and alternator replaced a little over 1 year ago. So, I'm perplexed as to what it might be. I'm sure it won't be cheap.

Does anyone know if we can file a suit? I am sick of giving my money to my mechanic... I;ll never buy another FORD!!!

- Val, Michigan.

7th Sep 2006, 17:26

We have a 1996 Mystique, and like many who have posted here, I will never purchase another Ford product again. Unfortunately, at the moment, I have 5. The Mystique has been plagued with electrical problems since 2003. Check engine light is now continually on, although we service the car regularly, and have had the mechanics change the oxygen sensors several times. They can't ever locate the problem. Last month, the brake lights and reverse lights failed. I took it in to my regular mechanic, who charges me roughly a third of what Ford would, and does a much better job. He replaced the turn signal module, and showed me the burn marks on the unit. Unfortunately, it still didn't bring back my brake lights. He also found extensive deterioration of the insulation on the main wiring harness, and contacted Ford to learn more. He was told that if the car was not more than ten years old, and had less than 100K miles (has 98500 right now,) then the local dealership would replace the harness. The mechanic told me that Ford didn't call it a "recall," as much as they did a warranty issue. Be that as it may, I took the vehicle to the dealership, who called me back later to tell me that no, they wouldn't honor the warranty, but would be more than happy to take $2,000 of my hard earned money to replace the harness. No thanks. Time to throw out a car, and wait patiently over the next few decades for this "company" to disappear. Didn't they have a catch phrase several years ago like: "Quality is Job One?" Liars.

11th Sep 2006, 20:45

Yeah, I purchased a 97' Mercury Mystique about a year and a half ago, used for $2k. Seemed like a good deal. Yeah, right...

Got the mass oxygen intake replaced, new brakes, new tires, need new oxygen sensors, need to get the driver side window fixed (won't go up nor down now, and is wide open with it storming outside now), rear driver side passenger seat belt is broken, trunk won't open without me manually pulling it open, car seems to like to drift, stalls out a lot when at a stop light or stop sign, belts are very loud (screeching) when running the AC and idle, and also screeches when I cut the wheels either way and moving at a slow speed or at idle.

I've already put a lot of money into the car and will need a lot more. The mpg rocks, getting around 350 on a tank, but the rest is a hassle, especially being forced to drive through the rain with my window down. Shouldn't that be a safety hazard worthy of a recall?

What I find weird is that I heard the window motor clicking when I push the down button on the driver side, but it won't move up or down at all now. Grr... if anyone has any idea on how to fix this PLEASE e-mail me at saryn5408@yahoo.com Thank you!

21st Sep 2006, 06:43

I am buying a 1996 Mystique today - in a few hours actually for $2400. I thought it was a great deal.. car is so clean and the owner has (surprise) all the receipts for work done. Now I don't know what to do - I have to have a car by today. But I know I can't afford to fix/replace transmissions etc. I am so upset... it doesn't sound like anyone likes these cars at all. Maybe it's not too late to back out of the deal...