3rd May 2009, 14:01

May 3, 2009.

I have a 1999 Mercury Mystique and am having the bucking surging problem. It seems to occur earlier in the morning. Sometimes the car runs real smooth and then other times I feel like a bull rider in the rodeo. I have replaced the timing belt, brakes, spark plugs and wiring. Yes my trunk leaks also. I thought it was just my trunk. My Mystique has about 97,000 miles on it. When purchased it only had 45,000 miles. Once I get the bull riding effect fixed I'm hoping it will be o.k.


3rd Jun 2009, 14:46

I purchased a 1996 Mercury Mistake last year. It was donated to the cancer society. I paid $950.00. It was in incredible shape for 88,000, miles nothing was wrong except mild shaking at idle. The next day, I did extensive research on the car and it scared the hell out of me. Told 2 really good mechanics, know them both well, and they told me to sell it. One laughed at me.

I did smell anti freeze, but never looked for the problem. Guessing head gasket/shaking at idle didn't want to know. I sold the car a few months and 2000 miles later. I will say it was the best handling car I ever owned. Thanks to all your comments, you may have saved me lots of $$$$ and aggravation.

8th Jun 2009, 16:05

The leaking of water into the trunk is really easy to fix: Open the trunk and look at the plastic cover above the tail lights. The rainwater will run under this cover and enter the trunk. Put a piece of duct tape or something similar over that gap and the leak is fixed.

Now, if all the problems were that easy to fix...

8th Jun 2009, 20:39

"Told 2 really good mechanics, know them both well, and they told me to sell it. One laughed at me."

I'm not sure how "really good" your mechanic friends are. I'm a mechanic and the Contour/Mystique cars are NOT ones I'd laugh at or urge anyone to sell. Many of these cars make 200,000 miles without a problem.

A friend in Atlanta bought one a year old in 1997 with 22,000 miles on it. It is still in his family and now has 231,000 miles on it. It has had a starter and the required maintenance, and that's it. Many of these cars are still on the road in my area with well over 200,000 miles and they look and run like new. My neighbor two houses down has one that he has owned since it was new. His wife drives it and loves it. In 14 years it has never had a problem.

Myths about cars tend to take on a life of their own. Even many mechanics are taken in by these. Ask some mechanics about the Chevy Corvair of the early 60's, and they'll say "It's a death trap" because of Ralph Nader's book "Unsafe at any speed", claiming it was unstable. Several studies, including one by the National Safety Commission, found the cars to be perfectly safe, but the myth STILL persists. The same is true of the Pinto. People say "Oh, they EXPLODE" because of publicity from high-profile lawsuits. The truth of the matter is, their fuel tank design was typical of MANY small cars of that era.

Before accepting the word of so-called "good mechanics", who most likely are themselves victims of automotive myths, you should talk to a few owners of the vehicle in question. I regret that you sold what was probably an excellent car that might well have given you another 212,000 trouble-free miles, just as commenter 21:00's has done.

3rd Sep 2009, 11:43

I bought a 1995 mercury mystique 2 1/2 years ago. from a friend. other than your every day wear and tear and preventive maintenance. I see no problem. The problem as I see it, are the greedy, so called mechanic's who try to turn minor problems into major problems. and then laugh all the way to the bank.

23rd Feb 2010, 12:56

Own a 1996 Mercury Mistake. I have the bucking and surging going on between 40 and 55 miles per hour. Can anyone help me resolve the issue? Please help, replaced just about or every sensor it has.

26th Feb 2010, 14:53

Response; I will pray for you. Sold mine. If you read the comments, you will probably find your answer. If you think it may be the transmission, there is a great comment about a valve body problem with a link. The guy seemed to know what he was talking about. Good luck.

16th Mar 2010, 09:47

I have a 1996 Mercury Mystique. I've only had one major problem so far, and that was the head gaskets, but my boyfriend left the cap off the water, and it overheated, causing the head gaskets to blow, and when I got those fixed, I went ahead and fixed the gaskets, the timing belt and all that good stuff.

But I need to change the power steering hose, and I don't know how to do it. I am told that it is a very simple process, but I can't figure it out. Please help.

But other than my power steering hose going, my car runs great and I love it. I just can't let my boyfriend check the water, since he can't remember to put the cap back on LOL.

29th Nov 2010, 05:45

I have a 1996 Mercury Mystique and WOW to all of the people with the huge problems.

The only main problem, well, annoyance really, that I have is the check engine light being on constantly. I've had the O2 sensors replaced, and eventually called a Mercury dealership who informed me that this was a problem back when the cars first came out. I've taken it to several mechanics just to be sure, and nothing is wrong with my car... just a faulty, sensitive light.

Another annoyance really is my cup holder broke, but that was because I accidentally slammed my laptop onto it -__-.

Otherwise, I love this car! It gets me to my university classes and I've had it since 2007. It has slightly over 122,000 miles on it now (it was only around 70,000 when I bought it... I commute to classes) so yeah. :)

28th Dec 2010, 00:43

I have the 1996 Mercury Mystique, I've not had it all that long, but I've not had that many issues out of it.. the car does run a little warmer than most, but I previously had a '98 (Ford) Contour, and it ALWAYS ran at the 'M' in normal, but never moved...

One thing I am sorta concerned about: the engine makes a knocking sound when I first turn it on, but the car drives fine, none of the lights are on, it shifts smoothly, just that knocking sound... should I be concerned?

25th Sep 2014, 14:52

Yes, same problem. Any ideas?